Government continues help to family farms address humane treatment

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    While this isn't strictly an organic issue, those marketing organic, hormone-free, non-GMO, cage free, free range meats are going to benefit most from increased humane treatment of their animals.
    " Humane livestock and poultry farmers can apply for $2,500 grants to improve animal welfare
    By Food Animal Concerns Trust
    Farm Forum
    October 3, 2017

    Chicago, Ill. - Starting on Oct. 3, farmers who wish to improve the welfare of their farm animals can apply for a Fund-a-Farmer grant of up to $2,500 from Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT).

    Since 2012, FACT has awarded 91 Fund-a-Farmer grants totaling $195,000, directly impacting more than 66,000 animals to independent family farmers across 27 states: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

    A 2016 survey of grant recipients found that 90 percent of the projects still are in use, 97 percent had highly improved or somewhat improved animal welfare, and 93 percent had improved the farms' financial sustainability, by improving profits, creating recurring cost savings, and increasing customers."