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Got Another Interview Tomorrow

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Yep, another interview...this time for an "Executive Assistant" position at, of all places, a beer distributor. DH thinks that's pretty funny. I like to drink beer, you see. He even got me a drink koozy that says "real women drink beer." :) So he wonders if I'll get part of my pay in brewskies.

The pay offered is a bit less than I'd wanted, but the benefits appear to be generous. "Full Medical/Dental," whatever that means - does that mean employees don't pay part of their premiums? Also a 401K with 6% matching. And "Full Vacation Benefits," again, whatever that means. I guess it means they still send you a paycheck while you take your two weeks off, which is what most employers do for full-timers anyway, but I guess you can't take anything for granted.

Looks like a convenient location, the job's reporting to the company owner (just like my last FT job), he sounded like a nice guy on the phone, and he said "we're pretty casual here so don't worry about dressing up." Music to my ears, I don't have to run out and buy a new work wardrobe.

My kids seem to have accepted the idea of my going to work. Daughter actually said tonight that she hoped I got the job. Why? So we could afford to take our cats into the vet for checkups. :rolleyes: They're fine, don't worry, but of course they're her babies and we gotta take care of the babies. :D

I think I might like the job -- I know I'm qualified, even though it's not something I've done *exactly* before. So if you would, just say a little prayer or send good non-denominational vibes to the universe that if the job is good for me, I'll get it. :)
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Good! :)
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