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goods from the woods and a new tool

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lets try this again after yesterdays "site crash".wanted to share a new tool i got for my homestead.its a nut cracker.wished i had gotten one years works more mashed

harvest 27 gallons of black walnuts.tambo and i picked up from my forest.we ran them over with ATV and tractor to get the thick hull off.

we used the loader bucket for an adjustable table.yes we are

this finished product.....yummyyyyyy

thanks tambo for the nice will help me harvest from my homestead and be faster and more efficent.i am getting more and more self-sufficent as time goes on.
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Ahhh, wish we had walnuts like those! Beautiful!
They taste great too. Glad you are enjoying the new toy.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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