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My husband's neice is a veterinarian (graduated a few years ago from a school in Kansas). He spoke to her on the phone a little while back and he told her how we had gotten a dairy goat and were going to be home-milking, etc. She went to my husband's sister and told her and now my husband is getting talked to about how his neice tested dairy goats in vet school for various pathogens and the goats were filthy and the milk not fit for drinking without pasturization and goats carry brucellosis, etc.

Ok, so I have done online reading about the benefits of raw milk, safety, etc, just sort of bumping around various sites and gleaning info for my own sake. Now my husband is concerned and obviously we have to bring our understanding of this to the table so my relatives don't think we are abusing the children or something.

So! Can anyone recommend some very good sites and/or books discussing the benefits of raw goat milk, safety compared to pasturized/store-bought/cows milk. Any comparisons between a goat dairy situation versus a single goat home milking situation? My husband and his family are very science minded so touchy-feely crunchy biased sites aren't going to cut it. I need statistics.

I have searched the archives for this and can't find any specific info plus I am on dial up so searching up and down would take me all day and night. I apologize if this has already been asked before.

I have been planning to have our doe tested for brucellosis (because of neice-vet's concerns, not that I think its even necessary considering our doe came form a brucellosis free state and as far as I can tell its not so much a concern anymore), are there any other tests I should have run at the same time? She is CAE negative. I guess a CL and Johnnes would be good to run as well. I am thinking zoonotic concerns that would be a worry for milk consumption, just so we can sort of put our worried family members at ease.

Thanks everyone
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