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Discussion in 'Goats' started by allenslabs, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. allenslabs

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    Feb 5, 2005
    There is an amish fella who I get my wood chips from and has 2 saneen does he will sell. I think this is their first kidding but aren't sure. He'll sell one with her 2wk old buck for 100 and the other has a buck and a doe and he wants 115 for them. Is this normal or high or low or what? Not ever had a goat so I don't know!
    Also how often are they in heat or do you breed them? Thanks a lot! Also my neighbor has some nubians to kid in april that she'll sell close to kidding for around $150. Most likely less as they're good friends but not sure.
    Anyway thanks!
  2. Hank - Narita

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    Aug 12, 2002
    The price for the doe about to kid sounds good. Make sure you get a written report of the CAE test as this is the most important thing.

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    Jun 19, 2004
    It really depends on the goats. If they are healthy and sound, have decent conformation, good udders, and are good milkers, you can expect to pay that much or more, especially if they were registered. You might want to find someone in your area who is experienced with goats and have them take a look for you. We were given a couple of young does many years ago -- one freshened with barely enough milk for her kid, the other had no milk at all. So you quite often get what you pay for. Depending on what you want the milk for, personally I would choose the Nubians over the Saanens, as their milk is a lot richer.

    Most breeds of goats are seasonal breeders. They will start coming in heat usually in August or September, and continue through January or February if they aren't bred. They come in heat about every 21 days, and stay in, usually, for 24 hours or less. I don't like to breed really early in the season, because then you will have kids coming in the coldest part of the winter. But if you wait until the end of the season, you risk missing their last heat period for the season. Now, I have Kinder goats (Nubian X Pygmy), which will breed year-round, and I plan to take advantage of that to have milk year-round.

    I hope this has helped -- if you aren't experienced with goats, stick close here and keep asking questions, because there is a lot to learn.


    Editted to add: Looking back, those two free does that didn't milk might have had CAE, but at the time, that was totally unknown. Do have the goats tested for CAE before you buy. You don't want that problem.
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    Jan 24, 2003
    If I wanted just homestead meat and milk....I would by the Sanaan with a buck and a doe (prooving she will twin) for 115$ and I would buy a prego Nubian Provided both are healthy and gentle.

    Then my plan would be to breed the Sanaan buck to the Nubian doe and hope the Prego Nubian has a buck that you can breed to the Sanaan doe. You will get hybrid vigor by crossing the two breeds. You could "rent out" or sell your bucks after breeding or even put them in the freezer after rut.(JAN)

    If you are in the northern climes I would breed when the deer herd breeds in your state for me its Nov. and have kids in April.

    The Sannaan doeling should not be bred until about 80# or 1&1/2 yo. Same for any Nubian doelings you might have.

    By July you will want to keep the little bucks away from the girls (first heat in August usually) and then introduce them again when you are ready to breed. You'll want to feed the boys real well so they'll be good sized by breeding time but dont over-grain because it causes reproductive problems.

    There is a wealth of info. at on goat management.

    Hopefully everone has been disbudded or will be...easier to manage IMHO
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    Feb 17, 2005
    northern Oklahoma
    This sounds pretty good to me if they goats are healthy. Make sure they are free from CAE. I made that mistake, it's not fun to deal with. If you are wanting meat from Boer crosses the doe who produces just one kid might be fine. I have a boer cross doe that produces just one kid, but what a kid! For meat, these kids grow rapidly with all of mother's milk to drink and all her resources while in the woumb. Her kids are large, healthier and grow at a rapid rate. If I were going to pick a kid to butcher, I'd pick hers. (I don't butcher my animals unless forced, I cry when I sell them at auction.....but I get over it)