Good morning , whats on your adgenda?

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by bethlaf, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. bethlaf

    bethlaf Homegrown Family

    May 26, 2004
    well, good morning , and welcome to thursday , just wondering, whats on your planner today ?

    lets see, got up at 5:30 , and started baking granola cereal, for the homesteaders campout this weekend.made coffee for hubby,washed dishes between the first few batches,
    fed the children , let the dog out, took my vitamins , normal morning stuff, now , during the down time between baking batches of granola sitting here, seeing whats up with everyone :D
    just kissed the hubby bye bye, hes off to the shop now ,
    lets see....
    i have to go to the grocery store, need more nuts for the granola, and bags too !
    then today is my volunteer day , so i volunteer all day at the thrift shop for the Women/Childrens shelter, wghich means sorting and hanging clothes, running register, etc.

    i get done with that at 5 , so then its home and probobly a start cooking supper .... still have to think what im gonna make .....

    some point during the day , i need to call the folks from "Big Lots", about our product complaint i bought my step sons 2 different rc cars last year for chirsitmas, and gave them to them this summer while they werre down , NEITHER car works , so i wrote a complaint email to them , and to daimler chyrsler (they were dodge rc cars), and i got a follow up letter from them in the mail , so i need to go through with this ...
    lets see, need to mail off our land payment today too, and probobly another card to my dad , he had foot surgery last month, and he hates being out of commission....

    any how, thats the magority of my day , in a nutshell ...
    how about you ????????[/SIZE]
  2. mtman

    mtman Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2004
    well i got up at 430 something woke me not shure what we made coffee went out at 7 trimed some bushes at 6 kissed dw goodbye she leaves not me she still has 1 more year before leaving her job thats when our house will be done then ill fool in the yard a bit and well the rest ill play by ear not nearly as full a plate i would like

  3. mtman

    mtman Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2004
    o i allmost forgot i might even have time to drink a beer or 2
  4. margo

    margo Well-Known Member

    May 29, 2002
    Good morning to you!

    Thanks for asking, doing well. Plans today include canning carrots and potatoes. Need to go to town to the bank. Hopeful that is possible to get there since the flooding. Have heard that there are parts of town still closed.
    DH has been tearing down a small barn that a neighbor needs removed.
    Why, yes, we'd be glad remove that unsightly 70(?) year old thing. It's what I believe to be a corncrib structure where you pull in thru the middle with your wagon and offload corn(?) to the sides into slatted wood structures like bins. Cool indeed. We are burning the unusable stuff and stacking the good. There are square nails in the boards and the timbers are pegged. Trying to save the pegs, too, I have an idea to use them. The good wood will go to finishing projects and starting more, and the tin roofing is good. The ashes of the wood without nails will be spread on the garden. Little waste on this job.

    It is beautiful here today. Sunny morning with a heavy dew. Must mow wtlh the push mower because the rider is waiting repair. Good exercise for me.

    Hope everybody's day goes well.
    Counting blessings here in Ohio,.....Margo :D
  5. BCR

    BCR Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2002
    Well, yesterday I crossed off a lot on my list so today is simple. So today, when the grass dries, I can mow. I've already seen a client at 7 AM. I hope to try a few recipes in prep for a picnic Friday. Will cook something special for myself this morning I think, maybe Chinese. And think I'll make some crackers for the picnic.

    Want to finish watching a movie I started another day. And more clients this PM.
  6. boxwoods

    boxwoods Well-Known Member

    Oct 6, 2003
    Central New York
    I got lucky the other day and met a couple that was moving to Fl. Well anyway they had lots of free stuff including: a gondola swing with a roof on it, lots of tools,a hova-bator incubator(small one), some chicken waterers, some furniture that I need to get today, lots of books,a grill that I picked up the day I was there, amont other stuff :) and maybe a old timer canoe used twice. Still up in the air about that. So anyway I'm running back and forth today getting stuff.

    oops I forgot the 15 full bottles of assorted wines and liquers.
  7. mtman

    mtman Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2004
    that sounds like a nice find indeed worth the trip over there
  8. MarleneS

    MarleneS Well-Known Member

    Aug 21, 2003
    Thanks for asking Beth...I've been up since a little before 6A.M. -- early morning is the only time I miss that dang rooster the coyotes made off with a couple of weeks ago...I do like the sound of a rooster crowing in the morning.

    First thing I did was to check the fenced in backyard to make sure the 50# skunk that was in there last night found his way back out. I discovered him about 1:30AM when me and the dogs were out there trying to figure out what all the other dogs in a 5 mile radius were barking about -- we'd heard the coyotes two dogs were being really brave until something outside the fence made noises back. I can't figure out what it was either...didn't sound like a dog or a coyote, or any other animal I've ever heard around here. Maybe we got us a big foot?? I went back in to get a flashlight to see if I could see anything, that is when I noticed the skunk walking along the back fenceline trying to find it's way out. About the same time the two dogs also spotted it and I'm sure all my neighbors were awaken by my screaming "NOOO STOP! COME!" at the top of my lungs -- thank goodness this time they both listened and I got them back inside before Mr./Ms Skunk had to show them who's boss.

    Then I started the coffee, put some go outside cloths on....I no longer have the privilge of going outside in whatever strikes my fancy ... well I probably still could but choose not to. A medivac helicopter substation was put in not very far from us and they fly right over our place whenever they have a call out south of the station. Told Husband he won't have to worry about my adventures while he's at work. He seems to think I'm going to do myself great harm on a regular bases...or get heatstroke from not having enough since to get out of the sun on the hottest days. Told him I'd try to craw out into a clearing and wait for the helicopter to spot me if I did something really stupid. I always wave at the helicopter -- fooling myself into believing I'm making friends with they will be on the look out for me everytime the fly over. Hey, I don't like the loud thing -- but when life gives you lemons it's best to make lemonade right?

    Then I did critter chores .... Husband said he had a craving for black eyed peas yesterday so I put a pot of those on...and since he's Cajun I also started some brown rice to go with them.

    I'll be attending the same Homesteaders Campout Get Together this weekend that Beth mentioned...will spend much of my day making chicken stock for the chicken noodle soup, making a cheesecake, preping greenbeans to have them ready to grill (bacon wrapped green bean bundles). This get together is a great place to share and see what others have produced in their gardens this year.

    I need to finish packing cloths ... and check my piles to make sure I have everything else I'm suppose to bring.

    Tonight since the weekend is a special occasion I just might shave my legs when I take my shower...hope to get to bed early because LaDonna is going to be here "real" early tomorrow morning so we can get on the road.

  9. New Mexican

    New Mexican Well-Known Member

    Jul 11, 2004
    New Mexico
    Up at 5:30......talked to DH before he went to work....

    Started some pumpkin bread......

    Going to speak at our local Home Extension Club this morning

    Going to do an overnight test-drive of a our new car model (ours come in about a week!!)

    Spending the night at a friend's house 40 minutes (which is our "town") away. Will take pumpkin bread as a hostess gift.

    Run some errands. We'll go out to eat and LUMP. Come back in the morning. On my way home, I'll make a stop to a vendor who is interested in my Gardener's Soap!! WOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!

    Back home tomorrow to keep looking for a job.

    oops, forgot. Played with the four dogs, fed and checked on the two cats. Checked on the hens. Watching the Today Show now!!
  10. Irish Pixie

    Irish Pixie Well-Known Member

    May 14, 2002
    I woke up at just before 6 with a kitten biting my big toe. Removed kitten and put her on the floor. Dozed until all three kittens were on the bed messing around. Got up, made a pot of coffee (french vanilla), listened to three kittens telling me they were so starved they wouldn't survive another minute. Fed the kittens quickly before their little voices reached crescendo-it's truly amazing how three angelic looking kitties can make such a horrendous racket. Took the dogs outside, came in and had my first cup of ambrosia. Turned on the computer to read my e-mail, bummer, nothing from my daughter at VMI. Read some e-mail, sent some e-mail and went to peruse HT. Dogs advising me if I don't feed them immediately they will die of starvation. Fed dogs. Let one cat in, and one cat out (this happens at least 50 times a day) Went to the barn to turn horses in and feed. During the five minutes it takes me to put the feed in the feed pans the horses are loudly complaining that if I don't hurry they will drop in the tracks of starvation. Bring horses in to the barn. Work the filly on the aisle and in the barnyard. Convince her that the dog, horse trailer, and gate won't kill and eat her for breakfast-I don't think she believed me. Picked her feet up (she embarrassed me in from of the farrier 3 weeks ago) all the way around, as usual, she was perfect for me. Turned the horses back out after fly spraying them well the gnats are obnoxious today. Did two loads of laundry, and hung it out on the line. Came in and let the cat out. Sat down and signed on to HT again were Bethlaf asked what was on my agenda for today. I still have to plant the flowers that my neighbor gave me yesterday, and let the chickens out. Then I'm going to go to my oldest daughter's apartment and then to the Mall...I hate the Mall. She loves the Mall, I love my daughter so I go to the Mall. Then a light supper around 5-soup and turkey sandwiches. After that the season premiere of "CSI" I don't watch a lot of TV but I do enjoy CSI.

    Stacy in NY
  11. cloverfarm

    cloverfarm Well-Known Member

    May 31, 2004
    On the agenda today ...
    REcovering from yesterday .... DH "gave" me one of the cow barns for chickens with stipulation that we "might" need to use the stanchions in there if the bull misses one of the heifers. he did, so we had to take down a wall and run the heifers in there. They were a little leery of the whole ordeal so I coaxed them in then we tied two in the stanchions for teh inseminator to come. Which -- big sigh of relief -- no one got hurt, nothing got broken or stepped on, and hopefully the heifer will settle now. One of the pullets laid a shell-less egg this morning, possibly from all the uproar.

    Must do today -- make cupcakes for DD's school birthday party
    Should do -- finish painting trim on the house
    Would like to -- Make a sign advertising eggs for sale

    DH hopes to start harvesting soybeans today.

    DS2 is suddenly interested in the potty.

    Salmon patties for dinner, left overs for supper. Planning on kids being stuffed with cake batter :D
  12. mamarea

    mamarea New Member

    Sep 3, 2004
    Good Morning everyone!

    Well, I'm usually up by 5:30, but today I get to sleep in until 5:50! Yahoo! Got coffee, woke up son who has been sick for past 3 days, checked to see if he is going to live this morning. Woke up daughter, fed cats, fixed lunches, wrote 4 notes for son in school and sent dh and kids off to their day about 7:00. Went to computer, checked mail and let chickens out of coop at 7:30.

    Now, I have to go finish sanding coop walls and get ready to put second coat of paint on before rain hits. Meant to do that last weekend, but it was just too hot. Now it has cooled off and should be nice and cloudy to finish the job today. Only problem will be dancing around chickens who now have to stay in coop and run because my dog decided it was more tasty to eat my chickens than to obey me!

    Somewhere in there I have to chang out the chickens water and feed and make a new roost for them. Then lunch. I have to gather my aunt's laundry to take to nursing home later and balance the checkbook.

    Leave about 1:45 to go to town, to go to feed store, bank, and nursing home then pick up 3 kids and go to store to get milk. Come home finish any painting, computer work and then fix supper while helping with homework. Haven't a clue what to make tonight either. My son, now 13, is eating us out of house and home and will soon have to have his own dairy cow, meat steer, and about 10 more laying hens plus a hog just to feed him. He ate 4 fried eggs, 4 pieces of toast w/jelly and about a 1/2 lb. of bacon last night for supper and 3 glasses of milk. And this is when he is sick!

    Feed dogs, cats, put up chickens, make coffee for morn. bathe everyone and send to bed! I'll get there around 11 pm. I wish I could go to bed like the chickens! :haha:

    Have a great one!
    Rea ;)
  13. bergere

    bergere Just living Life

    May 11, 2002
    Now in Virginia
    Lets see,, get up around 5:30am, check email, drink a cup of tea,, go out feed animals,, come in eat breakfast..have DS get his school work started, then pack boxes. Eat Lunch somewhere along the way, Feed the animals in the Evening,, then we eat. Sometimes play a computer game with DS in the evening as nothing is on TV that is any good.
    Can't wait until we are done with this move. Then I can get back to Farm work, and working my horses.
  14. Ravenlost

    Ravenlost Well-Known Member Supporter

    Jul 20, 2004
    Wow...all you early birds wear me out and I just got up! Because of hubby's weird schedule at work we keep odd hours. He's out walking the dogs now and checking out which chores he needs to do before going to work at 1:30. I've got laundry and housework to do this morning. When he leaves for work I have to run errands and go to the grocery store. :waa: It's been at least three weeks since I went to the grocery store...a chore I dread.

    When I get home I'm going to rake more hay and put it in the stalls. The man is finally going to start building the fences for the horse pastures on Friday. We're moving the five horses the middle of October...FINALLY!!!

    It's a busy day, but not a rushed one so I can sit here, eat a piece of the homemade Pumpkin Streusel Snack Cake I made last night and have a glass of milk.
  15. pcdreams

    pcdreams Well-Known Member

    Sep 13, 2003
    Missouri, Springfield
    up around 7. Catching up on the reading homework I let go this week (no I wasn't being lazy, I had test to study for which I felt were more important). Class starts at one today then it's off to work for a few hours, come home and make dinner for the wife and myself, more homework then off to bed earily as I have early class tomorrow.
  16. mightybooboo

    mightybooboo Well-Known Member

    Feb 10, 2004
    So Cal Mtns
    Got up at 0400,surfed net,its 0930.DW just got up.Gonna load truck to take garbage to dump,then to big bear to buy some siding lap boards so wife can start painting house for sale.Then home to do....?????
    Then watch survivor on the East coast feed at 5pm.Or will it be 6pm?