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NY is a big state and everything varies depending on where you are. Taxes are high compared to most southern and mid-western states, but services and schools tend to be very good. Of course, as federal taxes have gone down - local and state taxes will continue to go up. My property qualifies as a farm, so I do get a nice hefty tax break, but you must be running an agricultural business on your property and not a "hobby farm".

NY farm land can be as cold as zone 4 (the most affordable areas) to a balmy zone
7 (around Long Island $$$$). I am in the southern Catskills within a comfortable zone 5 and beautiful 4 seasons.

By the way, Hillary has been doing a real nice job as senator for this state, much better than I expected considering who is running Washington at the moment.

One thing you might want to check out is that NY is in the process of trying to attract small farmers to the upstate area and are offering incentives. You might want to search around the net for NY state agricultural programs or contact NOFA (the Northeast Organic Farming Association) to see if you can get more details.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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