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The offer can contain ANYTHING you want. If you want them to pay for the home inspection, tank removal, property survey, title & lien search, tank, septic, well location costs, soil tests (for underground tanks!), well & septic certification - write that into the contract. Of course you want it contingent upon ALL that stuff - write that into the offer.

When they say, "no way!" - ask for a counter offer, or make a counter offer - negotiate your way to an equitable deal. Verbal deals & promises are worthless, write it into the contract - have your list in hand before you walk in the door. The first offer is just a starting point, the earnest money says you're serious... if all the other stuff checks out.

One mistake we made was neglecting, "This offer EXPIRES on 'date' at 'time of day'" - and the relator held us in limbo for 3 weeks... while he was lining up a better offer! Our offer was rejected the same day another was accepted!

Get it all written into the offer to purchase - then negotiate.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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