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    Jul 25, 2005
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    hi were moving to Geneva, Alabama in late jan. early feb. and i was thinking about getting a modifed gas golf cart. you know one with aftermaket suspention and atv wheels and tires i am going to buy one already built or buy a stock one and buy all the parts and me and my dad(very mechaniclay inclined) put it together. do any of you have these? if so how do you like it? what do you like? what dont you like?how does it handle mud?steep inclines(up or down)? how fast does it go? who makes yours? if you could go back in time would you buy it agiain? if you could change something(s) what would they be? thanks for all you input i just want to buy the right thing. if you know what i mean!

    [ps this is also on homesteading questions]
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