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Golden Zuccini

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These appear to be the same as the regular ones, in taste, but are a golden color. Now I don't know much about them, they were bought as a flat of seedlings, but after they began to yield the plants began to rot. We had a very small yield of these and then---rot!

We've cleaned them out, hoping it isn't something that willspread to the rest of our squash. Any ideas about these "golden zuccinis?

(It might help if I were to say we've had a summer that was cool, cloudy and rainy through July!)

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Yellow type zucchini, maybe Gold Rush, are zucchini, not the yellow
summer crookneck type squash.
My zucchini are beginning to collapse, but the second planting has
just given me my first harvest. It's always good to do a second
late planting to insure a continuous crop through the late summer.
I do the same thing with cukes, which is good, because my early
cuke crop was very poor.
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