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Golden Zuccini

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These appear to be the same as the regular ones, in taste, but are a golden color. Now I don't know much about them, they were bought as a flat of seedlings, but after they began to yield the plants began to rot. We had a very small yield of these and then---rot!

We've cleaned them out, hoping it isn't something that willspread to the rest of our squash. Any ideas about these "golden zuccinis?

(It might help if I were to say we've had a summer that was cool, cloudy and rainy through July!)

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Are you sure the plants rotted? Sounds more like that pesky squash borer attacked. I've had some minor evidence of burrowing this year but the plants are still going; I started them very late which is one way of outsmarting their life cycle. Again, I hope wiser minds will pipe up. Tin foil wraps, cutting out offenders (never worked for me--always killed the plant), etc. are standard defenses.

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