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GO for it, BUT make sure you do a few things first. I just learned the hard way :)

Pigs can tear through stuff you can not imagine... they are so strong, if they decide to GO no man can stop them... nor two or three quite likely!

Make sure you build a VERY strong pen for them before you bring them home... second lesson I learned :) Cattle panels will only work IF you have lots of posts AND attach them very securely... if a hog can get it's nose under it, it can GET under it.

Make sure in your initial pen construction that you have one or both of the following in place... a chute and ramp and/or a way to close them up into a SMALL space. If you have them in a small space, then there is no where for them to go but where you want them to go.

You can read about my loading fiasco on the pig page... but now that I am EATING the pig, I think I will do it again... just will be more prepared this next time and use what I learned from this time to avoid the problems I had recently.

WELL raised pork is wonderful.. goats milk, fresh veggies, table scraps, mud to roll in, room to run (playing 300 pound porkers are a sight to see!) and a stress free environment makes for great tasting, clean meat.

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