Going Batty with Bats... need advice

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by dragonflyz9C, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. dragonflyz9C

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    Mar 21, 2006
    East Central MN
    Okay, I understand that bats are a good thing...I agree. I just don't like cohabitating with them. We moved to our country (105 year old) home almost a year ago. We have the upstairs closed off because the bats sometimes come out of the attic space.

    There is only one little space where two plastered rooms block off a section of the roof and that is where we believe the bats to reside, making it inaccessable to us.

    We even had the old loose insulation sucked out (so we wouldn't have the old guano)of the attic and some new stuff blown in. This didn't upset or disturb any of the bats in our house.

    We have tried to find out where they are coming in and out and have caulked anything finger-sized holes... our house is brick and feild stone so it wasn't an easy task! and they still get in and out. I have spent many evenings trying to see them leave the house...and never can see them.

    Is there a way to discourage them from staying in our home? I don't think just putting up a bat house will do the trick although I will put one up. I was thinking that if I drilled a hole in one of the walls (at night while they are out feeding) and stuffed a bunch of moth balls in that area and then plug it back up, that they wouldn't want to stay there when they come back.

    They are becoming more active and we would like to use our upstairs without them flying around our heads.

    Nancy (9C) :help:
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    Dec 12, 2004
    western pa
    We tried every trick to no avail :Bawling:
    Caulking,mothballs,boxes of them,radios,lights,pans of amonia,and 4 bat houses on the barn and on poles by the house where they seemed to go in.Finally they left ......for the winter!we killed 80 some at one time with tennis rackets(desperation).The whole house smelled like urine.
    We finally replaced our slate roof and nailed on ply wood sheating,they still got in!
    I'm in the process of putting on sofit and facia and we will put new siding on next month.
    I guess it didn't help when dw pulled the covers over her head when a bat fanned her face.I fluttered my hand under the blankets like a bat under there with her.I thought it was funny :shrug: .Anyhow one more bat downstairs with us and she's going to a motel untill we are alone again :rolleyes:

  3. dragonflyz9C

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    Mar 21, 2006
    East Central MN
    Oh... I'm sorry! I thought we had a bat problem... sounds like we have a minor annoyance compaired to what you have experience.

    I sure hope the new sofit and facia help... one good thing about bat that I have read is that they only have one pup per year...

    Your wife must really love you!!! I think I would have to resort to violence if my husband did that to me ;)
  4. cpeyus

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    Nov 28, 2005
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    UGH! BATS!!

    Several years ago, in a house we were renting, our bedroom was upstairs...it was a warmer month & we had the windows open (screened, though!)...DH got up & I thought "he's using the bathroom AGAIN"...and asked if he was ok...He said he was fine, there was just a bat flying around, but not to worry, he'd take care of it...UH, NOT TO WORRY?! Did you know you can crawl down stairs rather quickly when you're scared :) Anyway, there were 2 of the stupid things in my bedroom & he's talking nice to them, while laughing at ME! He got a basket or something & got them out...told me the coast was clear, so I came back to bed...after closing the windows - man, it was hot in there, but no bats!!

    A couple weeks later, my oldest son, probably around 11 at the time, tied a rubber bat from the halloween box onto a dowel & sneaked into the room to wave it over my head...I guess I reacted as I was "supposed to" because they were HOWLING, it was so funny NOT...

    Last year sometime, our cat was bouncing around the living room having a good ol' time & DS then 16, says (to be funny) "looks like a bat, mom" I hahaha for him & forget about it, til the thing gets away from the cat & it IS a bat...eeeeeek! I scurry to the safety of the bathroom while DH & DS16 get it out of the house...

    I think bats belong in their own space!!

    Good luck in your quest!
  5. wilderness1989

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    Feb 23, 2006
    Effingham, Illinois 5b
    I saw a light on "Ask This Old House" that they said would keep bats and birds out. It was a white strobe light that you hung from the ceiling and just left to do it's thing. They said it works. :cowboy:
  6. Jillis

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    Sep 11, 2005
    Northeast Kingdom of Vermont
    We purchased a rental property that needed total rehab and the attic was loaded with hundreds of bats! The poop was in piles, mounds on the floor!
    DH and son and a worker waited for the bats to leave and sealed up all the holes they saw them leave through. They cleaned up the attic and put down mothballs, left all the lights on, and left a radio playing.

    The house we were living in was a few blocks away. A few weeks after this, my husband was in NY on business. I fell asleep on the couch with my dd, who was about 6 at this time. In the middle of the night, "something" woke me up.
    A few minutes later this HUGE bat swooped by on another circuit through the house. You could walk completely around the staircase through all four downstairs rooms and this bat was flying in circles around the downstairs.

    I scrambled up the stairs with my dd in my arms yelling DH's name. I was literally running up the inside of my bathrobe and getting tangled in the blanket I was carrying dd in too. Total panic! Of course, dh says no bat is as big as I described but this bat was BIG!

    I soon remembered that dh was in another state, so I woke up my son. We stood at the top of the stairs and watched it swoop by every few seconds. He said, "I'll hit it with a broom and put it outside with the dustpan." I said, "Are you NUTS? What if it wakes up while you are doing that?" I also didn't think it was a good idea to violently wave a broom around the house.
    So I said, "Go down and open the door and it will fly out!" (The door was at the bottom of the stairs between the DR and LR.) He said, "You go down and open the door!" I said, "Josh! YOU go down and open the door!" And so on. :duel: I am the Mom, so I won. He waited until it flew past, and ran down and opened the door and ran back up. It was a very big bat.
    It still didn't leave. It kept going around and around. I think it was the "Godfather" bat and that he came looking for dh because he evicted the colony.
    I asked God to make it leave, and with that, it flew out the door! PHEW!

    I don't like bats in houses!
  7. gobug

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    Dec 9, 2003
    Bats don't need even a half inch gap to get into the house. This can be around the junction between the outside wall and the overhang, between the gutter, and the roofing, around the flashing by pipes and the fireplace flue, or even under the flaps on the roofing and other places you won't believe.

    Sometimes, if you look closely, you can see a stain where they rub against the building materials. The oils in the fur will leave a mark.

    In the summer, you can position yourself so you can see two sides of the building before dusk. They emerge all at once a little before dark. If your house is rectangular, two stratigically placed people can see all sides at once. Their exit points can be subtle.

    Bats wont chew through stuff like mice. There is a copper mesh I use to fill gaps and close entry points. It is woven in a continual tube. If the gap is large, I put foam in the tube to fill the space. If it's narrow, I use a screw driver to wedge it into position. This is a tedious job, and the bats will show you where you do a poor job. PM me to get a link to buy the copper mesh.

    Don't use moth balls. They will do more harm to you than the bats. They are paradichlorobenzene, and the benzene can damage you.

    Bats don't like to be around people, so their entry points are never easy access. Be careful on the ladder and roof. If the guano is in the attic, go up there midday, and look for light coming through cracks. You can seal these from the inside. Get a respirator (a dust mask won't do) to protect yourself. Breathing bat debris in a closed attic is risky.