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    Jul 21, 2004
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    I am so FED UP with my bank that I have decided to close all my accounts there, and not open another. We have had problems in the past with bounced checks (our fault totally) and deposits taking 3-5 days to post, unless it's cash, then it's 1 day.... This time they would not allow me to deposit my mother's disbability check into my account. My dad took the deposit in on Saturday and I gave him a check for cash for the amount. He gave me the receipt when he got home, no problem. Well I got on line to check the account yesterday and it was overdrawn :eek: First thing I notice is his deposit isn't there, so I checked dh's acct and the savings, thinking I gave dad the wrong dep slip. Not there either. I get dad and we go to the bank. Well, their story is they can not dep mom's check into my account without her present because they don't know if she has access to the money. Dad had brought his copies of power of atty showing that he is responsible for her money, not good enough. They had sent the check back in the mail Monday, it's still not here. I understand they are trying to prevent fruad but my mother is housebound, it takes great effort to get her to go out and she won't if it isn't a perfect day by her standards. Her and my father's credit is bad enough that they can not open a checking account.

    The manager wasn't in when I was there so I asked if she would call me about refunding the NSF charges as I had expected the deposit to be made, thought it was made and basically cashed my mother's check for them. I got home lastnight to a message that they would not refund any money. I called back and no answer. I would not be AS mad if they had the common decency to call me on Monday and tell me they couldn't make the deposit instead of me finding out after I bounced checks, and sending a notice in the mail.

    So I am done with banks, now how do you get around things like paying for internet w/o a bank acct or credit card? I have no problem getting money orders for bills. But what about cashing pay checks without paying too much in fees for check cashing? I also looked for past posts about this, so I'm sorry if I'm repeating someone else here & thanks for letting me rant, it does a body good.

  2. OUVickie

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    Mar 8, 2003
    Find a Credit Union. Mine required a $5 deposit, they charge me $3 per month to process checks and no other charges except if I'm overdrawn, but much less expensive and LOTS less hassle than a bank. Since they are member-ruled they bend over backwards to help me on anything I need and I can have auto-withdraw for free on bills. I went bankless about 17 years ago and have NEVER regretted it. :)

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    Sep 15, 2004
    i was surprised when i seen you weren't from m.s. we have lived here 4 years in different cities and it happens all the time. we have closed ours for the same reason, we deposit on thursday before noon, write checks on friday and they would all bounce. we owe the bank over 600.00 dollars in there charges. so we closed it, have not ever had that happen in texas, our internet is through southwestern bell, and it is paid with a m/o when i pay the phone.
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    May 10, 2002
    I went about 5 years without any bank due to same kind of non-sense with banks and credit unions. I call them legal extorsion houses.

    Money orders from .29 thru 1.00 to buy. In a pinch Western union payments, or quick payment (pricy but less than one bounced check charge). Never had a problem. You can pay credit cards with Mo's and use them, or put cash on a walmart gift card if you want to have ease of use at a gas pump, or just cash flow watching.

    It can be done and you never have to worry about what they are going to do to you next.

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    Aug 26, 2003
    I recently was charged $30 for overdrafting. I knew i had an account that had protection against this(as long as you have the money in another account--checking, savings). I went down there and this moron told me I didn't and then he grabbed the brochure and was amazed to see my account did have it.

    Banks are the spawn of evil!

    Watch your *****.

    I know in the past 1.5yrs I've had two late charges (both dropped) from Capital One Credit Card. Odd, considering I send out the bill the same day of every month. I don't use credit cards anymore. (my own)
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    May 30, 2002
    Yikes Carla, calm down and take a deep breath LOL
    1. deposits taking 3 - 5 days to clear is normal thru out the USA. It takes that long for your deposited checks to clear the banks on which the check is drawn. cash is cash 1 day is correct. Starting Oct 28 of this year The Check 21 law should speed up this problem.
    2. I'm even surprised they allowed you to deposit your mothers disability check.
    3. check with the lawyer about the power of attorney thing.
    4. I think what happened, I might be wrong, your bank did deposit her check. The bank upon which the disability check was drawn on refused payment. Sending it back to your bank, them sending it to you.
    5. Never never draw on a check before you know that check is cleared.
    6. your parents need their own checking account even if you are the primary name showing on the account this way the disability check can be direct deposited
    7. Credit unions are regulated the same as any other federal bank. Yes, they are great but the same thing could have happened.
    8. Past history warrants waiver of any fees.
  7. cafeaulaitinfj

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    Oct 7, 2004
    We've had the same prob with banks, mostly our fault, but they will sure rip you off every chance you give them. We now have a credit union savings account only. It would be really hard to overdraft that and it is for sure inconvenient, but it is way cheaper than the overdrafts. The dial-up i-net we are using now will accept our savings account. We only have to keep five dollars in the account to avoid a service charge. Plus one time they gave my hubby $50 too much. He promptly returned the money. They were so happy that we never have to pay for our money orders again and they treat us good even though we pretty obviously don't have much money. It's worth looking into, at least.

  8. mikell

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    Nov 7, 2002
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    I have no credit cards only a credit union debit card and checkbook that I can access online for free. I also have a bank about 500 miles away with the only way to withdraw is to go there. I put 100$ a week in that bank for years and make few withdraws . But I feel a new Harley come springtime.

  9. Cyngbaeld

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    May 20, 2004
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    Have your mother call social security and make your father her representative payee. The checks will be in his name and he can cash them without the hassle of power of attn. My dd's ssi checks come in my name and I pay all her bills.
  10. DrippingSprings

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    Sep 22, 2004
    My son is disabled and when I get his checks it says My name for his name. You could open your father a savings account and put the minimum deposit in it and that would allow him to cash checks.

    I quit using a bank for all the reasons listed above lol Credit union is the way to go if you feel the need for letting someone else handle your money besides yourself or a bank.

    You can go to cvs and buy mastercards with just what you put on them kinda like a gift card or prepaid credit card but it works like a debit(i think i said that right lol) you can also pay for things online with paypal using a savings account. I pay my phone,electric,gas and other things this way.
  11. ginnie5

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    Jul 15, 2003
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    I just went bankless for the same reasons! I put money in the bank, it showed up online as being in there. Gave dd my atm card to get gas. they put a hold on that money then when I used the card again they somehow managed to bounce my next 2 atms purchases plus her gas purchase. I was actually short 1.31. I expected one overdraft but they got me for 3. They went around theie feet to explain why they did it that way. It worked out simply as they screwed me. If you cash a check at the bank it is drawn on they usually don't charge you. At least not here.
  12. BamaSuzy

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    May 10, 2002
    Back in 1979 when husband and I had been married for less than a year (but already had three kids between us) we were thrilled to find a beautiful double wide (modular home---our dream) on three wooded acres with OWNER financing! We moved in that week and one day the following week the owner called to tell us that our down payment check had BOUNCED!

    We were livid! We had deposited the check we'd received for selling our single wide mobile home and it was more than enough to make the down payment.

    Turned out the bank had given somebody else OUR account number and he was writing checks on it like crazy....he HAD to know he didn't have that much money in his own account!

    The bank apologized, called the previous owner and explained we had the money and we thought we had it all worked out. They recredited us with all the bounced check charges, etc.

    The following month there were MORE CHECKS by this other guy inwith our canceled checks! So we got everything straightened out again AND moved our accounts to a different bank immediately....
  13. BCR

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    Jun 24, 2002
    In my experience, though I am currently a credit union member, credit unions can be just as much a pain to deal with. I don't think of myself as being bankless in using the credit union. In most ways they look and act just like a bank. Except their lending rates are higher at the credit union.

    VisaBucks are pre-paid debit cards. You can use that for phone catalog sales, etc.

    Consider dropping ATM cards. It can keep you out of trouble with checks that are slow clearing. We don't have them any more. No fees to worry about then.
  14. designer

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    Aug 19, 2004
    I haven't seen any answers on this part. This would be the main problem I think. There are the quick cash services with fees. Sometimes you can get checks cashed at grocery stores.
  15. havellostmywings

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    Aug 20, 2003
    The grocery store here where I live will cash your payroll check, usually without too much hassel and no fee...

    growing up.. thats how my mom always cashed my dad's pay checks, went to the grocery store, bought groceries and they cashed his check and gave her the change...

    now admittedly, this is a small town and they pretty much know everyone.. but I should would check with the grocery store you deal with all the time.

    Lynn in Texas
  16. peanutgreen

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    Oct 24, 2003
    I can cash my paycheck at the bank it's drawn on for free. Then I take the cash and deposit it at my bank. Then the funds are available immediately. If you cannot go to the bank it's drawn from, maybe they could open a savings account. Usually the bank you bank at will allow you to cash checks free, they wouldn't have to keep a large amount of money in the account. Sometimes the bank won't let you have more cash than what's in the account until the check clears, but that might not be a problem with a federal check.
  17. coalroadcabin

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    Jun 15, 2004
    Lots of places like grocery stores are starting to not cash paychecks anymore-too much of a liability. Your best bet is to cash the check at the bank it is drawn on - or ask your husbands employer if he has an agreement at a local bank to cash their employee paychecks.
  18. Tango

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    Aug 19, 2002
    Three years ago my check card number was stolen and someone purchased $1100 worth of crap on the net. I was callled by my bank and asked if I had purchased those things. I said no. They sent me some forms... bla, blah, blah. I was credited the money pending the investigation. Two months later the investigation settled in my favor. Six months later the bank took the $1100 out of my checking account without warning and I bounced several checks. I've never seen my money since. their offices don't communicate with each other. I've been called a liar- told the money was not mine to spend :rolleyes: and yet their records show it was MINE. It does no good to call and try to settle. They are mind-numbingly stupid when it comes to communication. If I could afford a lawyer I would pursue this but as it is I've just been able to report them to BBB. My bank? Bank of America.
  19. Landlocked Lill

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Wells Fargo is the devil!!! Several time since I quit banking there, I have been on that end of town and needed to cash a check drawn on their bank. They charged me FIVE DOLLARS to cash one of their own checks because I was no longer a client. Demonic rat b@$tard$.
  20. syringaweb

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    Oct 25, 2003
    If possible, research other banks. Specifically, look for a bank with a small number of other branches, i.e., a "hometown bank", if you still have such a thing in your area.

    We have our business checking at such a bank. All's well if everything jives at 2 o'clock. For example, I've been behind our employee at the drive through when he is cashing his paycheck from us, and I then am depositing the check from our customer to cover that paycheck. This isn't a weekly occurance, mind you, but anyone who's self-employed understands that position into which customers force us from time to time.

    Unless it's a big amount from an out of state bank, the money is considered there that day.

    We also deal with BB&T for our personal banking. They are more difficult to deal with generally, but the above applies (money is available that day) with them as well.

    Good luck with a crummy situation.