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Goats for weed control

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Howdy Y'all!
We have a 50 acre ranch west of San Antonio, Texas, that's full of cedar trees and rocks....and with all the rain we've been getting....full of tall weeds. My DH and I were talking about getting a goat several months back, but didn't have a good pen then. Well, now we do. We have three acres fenced around the houses and a pen inside that area. We'd like to get a couple of goats to keep the grass down around that 3 acre area. They would be pets....not for meat or milk. We do have coyotes around here, but the dog keeps them away from the house area. Our dog is a bit older and has been good around the neighbors calves, cows, and stray dogs.....I think she'd be okay with two goats. So....
Any suggestions on what breed would be best? Anyone know of goats for sale in our area?
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you would have to cross fence and have a high stocking rate, and rotate pastures to really "keep it down". otherwise the goats will just eat the choice bits and leave some stuff out of control. it depends on what you mean by keep it down too. if there is some brush trying to make its way into your pasture than they might help control that. if you want to keep the grass short its a little harder. if the goats are eating grass you want it tall to lessen intestinal parasite problems. they really don't make great lawn mowers. horses from my experience and I am told sheep do a better job of that. goats are more understory clearers. if you did it right you could make it worth your while though. you can buy wethers pretty cheap, and there are many needing pet homes. I'll sell you my lamancha wether cheap!!! but I'm up in oklahoma, shucks. you could probably get some free, if you really looked around. you just have to be careful that you are not buying health problems. look for local dairys, check out your classfied ads etc.. I would personally stay away from the auctions at least until you get more goat experience. breed wouldn't matter if they are pets, just get whatever strikes your fancy and is available and healthy. good luck! I'm sure someone from your area will probably see this and jump on the chance to sell some of their boys to someone who is not going to put them on the barbi. many people hate to see that fate befall them.
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