Goats dancing in the moonlight!

Discussion in 'Goats' started by Jillis, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Jillis

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    Sep 11, 2005
    Northeast Kingdom of Vermont
    My first goat, my Alpine, Serafina, is the sweetest, mushiest goat I have. She really loves to be patted and hugged and to push against me with her head. She nibbles me, paws at me...
    When we first got her and her sister, they were not very "goaty." They didn't run, jump, prance, climb, butt...they were like a couple of prissy girls with ruffles and bows who just didn't want to get dirty...
    But one night, at about 1 AM, I was woken up by a continuous sound of banging by the barn...I thought something was in with the chickens. At this point, the baby goats stayed outside in a pen with a tin roof over part of it for shelter...
    I dashed outside, and Serafina was going crazy, jumping, butting her sister, leaping up on the bench. I asked her, "Did you have to finally become goaty at 1 in the morning?!?" I noted that there was a full moon shining...

    Then came Esmerelda, a Nubian who likes to butt and jump and play and climb...she quickly got them into goaty shape, although at first they were running away from her in horror! :eek:
    She would look at me, like "HabbaWHAT?" But still they remained under the standard---put their feet on the spool but not jump up on it, etc. Took them a few weeks to master the "Rock" which some of my week old babies easily leap onto.

    Well, last night, I went to check on the babies. I look through the window at them. THEY were fine, but at least one of the big girls on the other side of the stall were banging the wall until it was pushing in from the impact. And bouncing off the other walls.
    I went around to see if they were fighting. The 2 Alpines ran out and Serafina had a wild look in her eyes. She continued to leap at the outer wall of the barn, just hurling herself at it. Her sister tried to copy her but she lacked the intensity and wildness of her sister's behavior.
    I ran around in the goat pen trying to get them to run off some energy...they wouldn't follow me too far---they seemed to be spooked by the darkness and shadows. Once I stood still for a few moments and so did they. When I jumped up they startled and ran like crazy back to the barn. I got them a bucket of hot water and settled them back in. And they were quiet.

    Once again, I noted that the moon was shining...

    Think there is any connection?
  2. Goat Freak

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    Jul 6, 2005
    I don't kow, they might be freaked out from the extra light at night, like it is interfering with their sleep. I am not sure, but perhaps it would keep them more active with the extra light and all. Good Luck, bye.

  3. Caprice Acres

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    Mar 6, 2005
    sometimes my goatlings just scream their heads off and run the perimiter of thier pen. The buck shows no special interest in them, or they in the buck, so it isn't heat.... they usually do this between nine pm and three am, and I usually go running out there to scare away whatever might be trying to get at them, and taking my dogs with me. I go in the pen, they run up to me, and continue to scream, butt heads, and prance around like they are extremely hyper. not scared, and daisy is more affectionate than normal. i either run and play with them for a while, or throw them some hay wich usually shuts them up. My bucks don't ever do this, just the does. my dad just says that they are a little off in the head, and sometimes i have to agree. :D
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    Nov 8, 2005
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    The full moon lights up the outside and its time for night time play!
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    Jun 7, 2002
    Sounds like the folks at the last Christmas party I went to. Maybe the girls ahd too much eggnog. LOL :dance: Let's get this party started! :dance: