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Discussion in 'Goats' started by Croenan, Mar 31, 2006.

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    My little buck with UC, from previous posts, has been hanging in there for a month plus, he still strains when he pees but I've seen everything from little trickles to full streams. The problem is that now he is acting weird. He is acting like he has goat polio for the most part. Yesterday he was acting mostly blind and stumbling around, backing up alot, and was having alot of trouble eating. He would get food in his mouth and then it would basically fall out. He was grinding his teeth alot too. We gave him some banamine and thiamine hoping that would help. The thiamine was from my vet but it was funny cause it was clear and didn't smell like the b complex I usually have. Last night I gave him the normal b complex.

    I didn't see much improvement yesterday and really expected to find a dead goat this am, but he was still out there and up and wandering. He wanders like he is starving but can't find food. I gave him more b complex-the good one. And then hand fed him whatever I could find. Not the healthest meal, but I figured at this point he's gonna die or pull through this. He ate better this am I sat and hand fed him for about 1.5 hours! The main problem is that he can't really eat on his own...he bites at the bowl or just wanders off. When he does eat from my hand he is very vigorous and bites at my fingers instead of the food and sometimes it still falls out of his mouth.

    I've got a new grain that I am using as a treat for the others that is Dumor goat feed. (with ammonuim sulfate) It's not quite grain and it even says that you could feed that to them 100%...I have no idea why though..lol.

    Anyway, he wouldn't eat it before, but he did nibble at it the other day, which is why I am expecting polio more than anything. Any other ideas on what could be ailing him right now? I haven't seen him poo or drink in 2 days, but that doesn't mean he isn't either. No signs of scours, though. What are signs of dehydration? I am worried about that which is why I was giving him lots of green things, leaves, fresh grasses, clover, pine needles and fruit.

    Any ideas on what could be ailing him? My only thoughts are polio of course...which if it is...should improve more today...dehydration or a uric acid build up?
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    I would give B-complex 2-3 times a day and it could not hurt to give Peng Also.
    Thimian is clear. you need to give it more then once.


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    Whatever happened with your goat with stones/polio? Has he recovered?
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    How is your goat doing??

    I've got a new grain that I am using as a treat for the others that is Dumor goat feed. (with ammonuim sulfate) It's not quite grain and it even says that you could feed that to them 100%

    If this is pelleted goat 'feed', it IS grain. It is made from ground grains (possibly also contains 'forage or plant' products). A binder may be added to the ground grain to help it stick together when it is extruded into pellet form.

    If he isn't eating the 'new' grain, go back to the old stuff he was used to. Some goats don't like change, particularly in their feed. I have one goat who refuses to eat anything but a specific brand.

    It is important with his history of UC that he is drinking plenty of fresh water....even if you must syringe it into him. You can also give him LACTATED RINGERS SOLUTION (contains electrolytes) SQ (do NOT give IV!!!) and this will help the dehydration. His body will absorb the fluid as it needs it. Give additional injections as needed.


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    Is your little guy doing any better? I will be praying for him. By the way, to tell if a goat is dehydrated, you pinch their skin, and if it pops right back in place they are fine, but if it is slow going back he is dehydrated. Good Luck with him. Bye.