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Goat Soap anyone?

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How many of you make Goat Milk Soap?

I love making it!

Best Regards,
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I have made about 6 batches of soap the last batch was Honey, oatmeal & goatmilk.I like it the best.I bought a body oil thats called Africas Best herbal oil and added it for scent and the extract oils thats in it.
We tried it a couple times some years back when we raised goats. We're just getting goats again now, and will definately be trying our hands at it again. Anyone have any favorite soap recipes they'd like to share?
I think that I have all of the soap recipes I need, but does anyone have lotion recipes?

I've been making soap since 1999, milk soaps since 2000. Since we now have a milk cow, I've been making cream soaps.

I've got a soapmaking tutorial on my website (and one for salves also - check the "Lessons in Homesteading" link.)
Soapmaking Tutorial

edited to add that the soap recipes are now posted at above link

Give me a bit and I'll have some recipes posted.

If you have a lotion recipe you like already, substitute up to 10% of the liquid with goat's milk.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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