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So, I am getting goats within the next couple weeks, and had a few questions. First, i am getting full-sized goats. I particularly like aplines, saanens, and nubians. I have a fair sized shed for them, and a large pen that will be turned into a dry lot. They will spend quite a bit of time here, but will get grazing during the day. I have about an acre that has a perimeter fence. This acre is shared by dogs, cats, and all kinds of poultry. I will be starting with two does, and i am hoping to get some that are recently bred, or ones that have babies on them. So, my questions:

1. Approximately how much food would two milking does need per week?
2. What should i look for when buying a goat?
3. What should i ask the breeder for?
4. I have my eyes on a group of alpines. Some a have babies on them, and some are pregnant. They are registered. For the ones with babies, i think they are asking 400. Is this a fair price?
5. Is there anything they should be tested for other than CAE and CL?
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