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We have a Nigerian Dwarf who seemed to be in labor yesterday afternoon. She had dropped a pile of goo and had more hanging from her vulva. There was a bubble present, but nothing showed inside of it. Her vulva was swollen. She pawed at the ground a lot, and kept laboring to stand up and then lie down in different positions. Occasionally, she had contractions and pushed, while complaining, but eventually everything sort of stopped. She has red tinged goo hanging from her vulva now, and it seems a lot less swollen. She is breathing shallowly, quickly, but no contractions that we can see. The bubble has disappeared. She still feels full of kid or kids, in the belly, and her udders are totally swollen and hanging. Are we waiting too long? It's been about 21 hours since the whole thing began, and it seems to have stalled out or reversed itself. Also, she was willing to eat until about 10 hours ago, but she won't anymore. She is still interested in drinking water.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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