Goat in the dog pen

Discussion in 'Goats' started by Starsmom, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. Starsmom

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    Nov 7, 2004
    This afternoon, my son was doing his homework and suddenly looked up and said there's a goat in the dog pen, I can hear her.

    We ran outside (the dogs aren't real friendly to the goats) and I grabbed the dogs and moved them to the garage and he went and checked. Sure enough, Blanche our 7 month old doe had managed to somehow get herself into the dog pen. The pen is built behind our house which is recessed into the side of a hill. The pen has about a 6 foot high cement retaining wall with railing at the top. Then attached to the back of the cement portion of the pen is a chain link kennel that is 6 feet high. She was just standing in the back part of the pen. Unhurt and crying. Clarice, my older doe was on the outside trying to calm her down. The dogs were on the far side of the pen barking like they wanted out. It was weird. I would have thought they would have attacked her. They don't care for Clarice at all. She will go up to their pen and the snarl and growl all the time. But they didn't seem to be mad at Blanche, actually were barking at us as if to say "hey get her out of here". Of course Blanche has a very loud and annoying cry...she almost sounds like a calf.
  2. trappmountain

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    Jun 21, 2005
    Wow! That was very lucky. Luckily my dogs love the goats and the goats have finally gotten used to the dogs. They were a little quicker to accept the smaller dog (a Shih Tzu) but have finally gotten used to the golden and the Husky mix.

  3. trnubian

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    Mar 18, 2005
    Yah, you were lucky. Maybe the dogs only hold a grudge against that one goat :)

    I don't have a problem with our dogs and goats. In fact my main problem is how to keep them apart. During kidding season, my Lab constantly climbs CATTLE PANNELS to get in with the baby goats and sleep with them. At first I wasn't sure how she got in with them, but I saw her trying to sneek in there one night and sure enough, she climbed the fence. It is so sweet. I guess she misses mother hood and the baby goats are the next best thing.
  4. Goat Freak

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    Jul 6, 2005
    trnubian, you joking my MALE lab tries to get in with the baby goats during kidding season too! We let him see one of the babies after we first noticed his interest, with supervision by us of course, and he started to Lick them clean! He sure is a riot, and the only way we got to the pen in time to see Toria's babies born, at least one of them, was because Duke was pacing around the goats kennel, my mom looked out the window and sure enough a little black fuzz-ball was walking around the kennel. She rushed out, saw the little buck born, thought that was it ran to get us, then went to get her camera while we stayed with Toria, suddenly another baby started coming out, my mom still was not back, I had to emergency deliver and clean the baby because Toria was too busy with the other two, and so in the end Duke saved Lola's, the baby goat's, life. If it had not been foir his pacing, no one would have known she was delivering, and Lola would jhave drowned in afterbirth, her sack was filled with it. Overall my dog is good with the goats, the goats do not like him that much though, he thinks that the best game to play with the goats is tag, and the goats do not like playing.
  5. Jen H

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    Jun 16, 2004
    Moopups remarked on a different forum that "if you shave a goat you'll find a big red "S" on their chest" :). They really can fly, or just enough to get themselves in very strange places!

    My german shorthair and my youngest goat (5 months) spend their days trying to figure out how to play. It's too cute! Essie will rear up and prance around and come down at the dog, and Ptarmy does the play bow thing and bounces toward the goat. Then they both look at each other like "what the heck are you doing?"