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  1. Hi! My names Cindy! I'm very interested in getting some goats for milk I was thinking about getting Nubians what's the care involved in owning a milk goat? I know I'll be needing a male right to get milk they must breed?? Do male goats require any special care???? Do they require vaccinations,shots or anything?? Are they a big responsibility??? I don't want to make any mistakes you guys are experts on this. I am a novice and don't know much about keeping goats I was thinking about just buying 1 or 2 females and 1 male this would be on 1 acre not even. A person told me just to go out and buy some goats I asked him about if there's any special care involved he said "nope". If this is true then I'll go and buy some goats but (sigh) I'm a little confused please help me with this. Thank you soooo much Cindy!
  2. I would recommend that you not start out with your own buck. If possible, buy two does either milking or already bred. Or buy a couple that will be ready to breed this fall, but ask the seller for recommendations on finding stud service. I keep two bucks, but I do not recommend them as a first goat. They need to be kept separately from the does, which will be hard to accomplish on your acre, I expect.
    You need to have good stock fence up ahead of time, and the goats(bucks and does separately) need shelter from the elements.
    You need to be able to keep and supply clean, dry hay, especially for rainy days. Wet grass will give goats the runs, and if they get caught out in a storm, you may have to treat pneumonia.
    Don't buy from your friend. Buy from someone who does give the goats special care, and not someone who just turns them out.
    They do need regular hoof trimmings, minimal vaccines and worming.
    I would not buy one with horns.
    Bucks are very, very obnoxious, seasonally stinky creatures. They're the ones that give goats a bad name. lol.
    (Also, if you have any little trees or other plantings, be aware that the goats love them much more than grass.)

  3. This is Cindy I have been looking for goats for sale but why are they so high-priced??? $400 for a goat? How much is stud service? Thnks for your info now I know a little more about goats I'm gaining some knowledge here! lol. :) I hope to get more answers! This place is very exciting! :)
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    Sheesh, what are you looking at for $400? If you go to a good breeder and tell them you want a family milker, you should be able to come up with a nice goat for about half that, maybe less. Where are you located?
  5. Well I saw that on the enternet it was a goat breeder I can't remember where it was I think they had some there for $500 to!....is it possible to a get a goat for $25,$30??? I live in Pittsburg,PA. I don't want anything registered.
  6. I do sell my little unregistered bucks/wethers for that, but I expect you will have to pay at least twice that for even an unregistered doe kid.
    Not knowing your area, I'd still guess closer to a hundred for a milker.
    I wanted to add, too, the thought that you might consider an unrelated buck kid that you could use for breeding in the fall, then sell, if that is an option.
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    Watch out, Cindy, I got my first two Alpine does just two months ago. I now have three does and a sweet baby buck. It's addictive! They need to put a warning tattoo on goats.

  8. Hehehe yeah I've been reading up on goats they look like there really fun to have!
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    Make sure you have the goats tested for CAE. We bought 2 does who had it and they went to the auction. Fortunately the lady refunded our money but after 5 months. Also get 2 females as they need company.
  10. Oh yes,yes I read that a goat can die of loneliness in 3 days? Is that true? Poor things. :( Are goats really easy breeders? Even though I have just like a half an acre I'd like to have them free-range. Cindy
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    hi Cindy,
    this place is very exciting, and soo... helpful. we have become so involved with goats here in IN. It started as my sons 4-H project, and has turned into goat central now, we have 6 now and hopefully 2 on the way. As far as what breeds, if you look back in the posts, I think someone gave a reallly good description of each kind. First, I want to say to you, goats are wonderful animals, I can't say how much we love them, but, they do require care, like any animal, and at first, it seems like a lot. I encourage you to read as much info as you can, and maybe even gather a few books about them. with that said, once you decide on what breed you want, you can find milkers here in IN for $75-125. but be careful, you don't want a goat with the CAE, when we first bought our goats, I had no idea what this was, luckily, they are ok. When you go to buy your goats, ask questions, do they worm, give vaccinations, do they know quite abit about goats. Here, I don't recommend buying from a flea market, maybe call your county extension office, they can telll you of people who raise goats in your area. I would also say buy 2 goats, they do get lonely, and will find more trouble to get into by themselves, plus, one of our evening enjoyments here is to sit and watch our goats play together. I would avoid a buck at first. You don't want to house them with your does(won't know of breeding times) and they do smell, and can be very obnoxious. you can always get one later when you expand. i wish you much luck, just get all the info you can and ask many questions. blessings Mia in IN
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    May I suggest taking the $25 and buying a book first. I'm not sure which book most people recommend here, I have Story's goat book and it seems to do me well for now anyways.

    The price of the animal in the grand scheme of things isn't a big expense, remember you have feed and care for the animal once you have it. Say she's eating about 10lbs/day of day, that's 1 small bale/week, or ~50 bales/year. You have 2 goats so that's 100bales/year. Here good hay is $4/bale, so $400/year in hay. We're doing 3 bales/week now for my 2 goats, fyi. Then you'll buy grain, for the sake or argument let's say it's $10/50lbs, you'll be probably buying at least 2 sacks/month, so there's $240/year. So we're up to $640/year for feed.

    If you get a poor milker that produces 1/2 of what a good goat produces she doesn't eat much less hay, but you'll feed her less grain at least. So is buying the cheapest animal you can find worth it? Your hay bill is still $400/year, but you're only getting 1/2 the milk you could be if you spend $50 more for the animal. This isn't counting what diseases she might have in the first place.

    Here's my 2 girls I got last month, their crosses from a reputable breeder, their dieseas free, and the two sweetest girls.


    Good luck, and I hope you find what you're looking for.
  13. Wow those are really healthy looking goats!! I envy you lol. Your right I'm going to get some goat books talk to some breeders and get a little more educated about them. My property has all healthy,green grass would that be enough for a goat or do they still need hay? Well thanks for all your help everybody. Cindy
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    If you have lots of graze, you do not need as much hay, but, yes, you will still need hay. Green grass means you must have some rain days. The goats will need to stay in and eat hay, not wet grass. Also, presumably there will come some days in the winter when the grass is thinner and they'll eat more hay.
    I don't know what you mean by free ranging goats. Goats MUST have good fencing.