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Goat (and chicken!) barn plans: thoughts?

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I am posting my rough plans for our brand new goat (and chicken, housed separately) barn, to be built before we move up to the new homestead in a year. I would very much like to hear your feedback, since we are newbies to the raising goats and chickens thing.

To start, we plan on only having 3 or 4 goats and 6 chickens, but we expect to increase that to up to 8-10 goats and a dozen chickens within a year or so. The barn plan is for 20' x 30', with a loft that extends over half the barn (to store hay). We want a concrete floor with a drainage slope towards the back, to easily hose out and clean the barn.

I want a big laundry-type sink (cold water only from same deep well that supplies our home) in the milking room (washing hands, rinsing equipment, etc.), as you see, so my husband will plumb for that (which will allow a hose to be attached to spray out the barn when needed.) I'm thinking the chick nursery can go inside the chicken portion of the barn with a heat lamp. Is there a problem keeping chicks in a separate area in the chicken coop?

I've seen plans where there is a straight-thru opening for a tractor drive-thru, and that appeals to both my husband and I in case we need to haul stuff in or out of the barn.

:) All comments appreciated! As you know, it's much easier to make mods now and incorporate them in the plan than wait until later. I know you all have ideas about the best way to do this. I would love to hear them.



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Sounds like you are on your way to having it figured out. Lots of good advice. I'm building a barn as well and still not quite sure of it all. First off unless you're building something the size of a costco warehouse it will never be big enough. I will say to build it as big as budget will allow cause in a year you will wish it were bigger. Pulling lean to's off the sides might be big addition for little cost. I think if you can go with a larger door perhaps 10ft minimum would be more ideal when moving a tractor and farm equipment in and out. No need to risk hitting barn. Also make sure door is tall enough (min 10ft) for any future farm equipment.
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