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GM Crops Climb to Nearly One-Tenth of Global Crop Production

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by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, December 4, 2008
Key concepts: GM crops, Genetic modification and Infertiliy

Genetically Modified crops have risen to the level of nine percent of world crops, warned the Worldwatch Institute today (

Tensions are rising over the GM foods issue as consumers become increasingly educated about the sharp increases in infertility resulting from the consumption of GM foods.

A popular book, Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith, is also raising literacy about genetically modified foods and the threats they pose to sustainable life on our planet.

It's more than just a health threat, of course: GM foods also pose a threat to the environment, polluting the fertile soils of the world with unnatural genetic material that may have unknown long-term consequences. Cross-pollination with non-GM crops, monoculture practices and the liberal use of chemical pesticides alongside GM crops are just a few of the serious threats to sustainable life on Earth posed by food scientists playing God with seeds.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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