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GM Crops Climb to Nearly One-Tenth of Global Crop Production

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by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, December 4, 2008
Key concepts: GM crops, Genetic modification and Infertiliy

Genetically Modified crops have risen to the level of nine percent of world crops, warned the Worldwatch Institute today (

Tensions are rising over the GM foods issue as consumers become increasingly educated about the sharp increases in infertility resulting from the consumption of GM foods.

A popular book, Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith, is also raising literacy about genetically modified foods and the threats they pose to sustainable life on our planet.

It's more than just a health threat, of course: GM foods also pose a threat to the environment, polluting the fertile soils of the world with unnatural genetic material that may have unknown long-term consequences. Cross-pollination with non-GM crops, monoculture practices and the liberal use of chemical pesticides alongside GM crops are just a few of the serious threats to sustainable life on Earth posed by food scientists playing God with seeds.
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"Activists are increasingly suggesting that the infertility side effects of GM foods are not coincidental and are, instead, part of a genocidal plan by powerful elitists who want the human population to shrink by 80 percent and are willing to destroy human fertility in order to accomplish it. "Let 'em eat their way to population control!"

Talk about brainless stupidity! Anyone who believes this kind of junk is an idiot! I'm going to go out and buy stock in aluminum companies because the prices will skyrocket from all the tin-foil hats you're making.
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