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Give me a detailed list

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Think of all the stuff you could possibly need while butchering a hog. Think big hog. Not sure of the weight, but here's my problem. I want and would butcher a hog, if ours were ready. However, today we got a call from a friend, the one who we are getting the free feed from, just for coming and emptying out his bins?

Well, he has a free hog, only it has to be butchered now. Hubby says oh, I wish we could, however, we don't have the stuff we need to do that.

When he hung up, I asked him if he was crazy? All that meat????

He said no, we don't have any place to hang it or any water source as it is so cold outside.

Okay, given the fact that it IS below freezing out there, this is the only point I understand.

From my point of view, I would have that hog on the ground, skinning it and gutting it, and I'd bring chunks of it into the house, properly cut up or not, and put it in the freezer.

That being said, this time, I am having to work till nearly midnight, and he is (I think) reluctant to take on a hog by himself. I told him if I wasn't working I'd be taking this hog. Anyway, I forgave him, but I want there to be no excuses from this point forward.

I am going to start gathering in every little piece of equipment we might possibly need, or I might possibly need, and I am going to take the next hog that is offered. I can't stand this! :grit:

Okay, done with my rant, now help me with the list everyone!

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Think of all the stuff you could possibly need while butchering a hog.
It doesn't take much.

Good knife
Steel to re-edge knife
Bucket of warm water
Bucket for offal - might need two depending on hog size
Bucket for organs - heart, kidneys, liver, etc - that you want to save
Hammer to knock hog unconscious OR .22 gun to kill hog
Chain to hang with.
Means to raise hog for hanging to bleed. (Tractor, block & tackle, strong muscles)
A place to hang the carcass to chill.

Also nice:
Stone plus oil for sharpening knife
Second knife
Bone saw (~$25 at Northern Equipment and elsewhere)

Optional if you want to scald & scrape instead of skinning:
Source of hot water
Large tank (drum, bathtub, etc)

If this is your first time I would suggest skinning. You'll likely do a poor job of the skinning but that's okay as scalding is more complicated so leave it for another time. Take your time. Try and not cut muscle at all when skinning. This is especially an issue on the bacon.

It will take you a long time. Plan on this being the only task for the day. Have help. Take breaks.


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