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Getting Quality INcoming links

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I am working on trying to get quality links to my site from other well rated sites to help improve my ranking in the search engines. What have you guys done to improve your rankings. I have been trying to find any and all local forums and posting basic stuff about but that will only go so far i think. I am trying to be carefull not to be a spammer as well. I do know that one site i am a moderator on i have put the link in my sig line but it is not showing up as linking to me. I have over 4000 posts on and should have a good amount of hits now from there but i dont seem to be getting any. I am getting plenty of hits from where i also moderate and have over 5000 posts. Any ideas?
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You're domain is "sandboxed" by Google right now. They don't index new domains for about 6 months. That avoids new domains getting listed for the purpose of spamming the search engines.

Of course getting backlinks is a good thing, so you should keep doing what you're doing, but that won't get you indexed any faster.

If you're serious about your search engine ranking, which is synonymous with Google ranking these days, then you should get the Google Toolbar and install it with the advanced options enabled. The Google Toolbar will show you your PageRank & backlinks to your domain, among other things, so you can track your standings and those of your competitors. Without the Google Toolbar you're flying blind.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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