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Getting lambs this weekend!

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Well, I'm actually going to have my sheep pretty soon. We've got the shelter (near finished), the fencing for the night area up.
(50'x75' area) near the house and just hauled home 25 bales of hay. Lots of work and $ for 3 little lambs. 8O
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Of coarse 50x75 will hold alot more than 3 too! What breed are you getting again?
That pup is so cute, I really have enjoyed the pics on her, Ross.

I know the night/winter paddock is roomy. :) It was sized with the future in mind.
3 Barbados Blackbelly, 2 female and 1 male.
That is Great Shepmom!! I hope to see pictures soon!! :D
Home safe and sound! The 3 lambs are acclimating to all the new stuff in their lives. :)

Sorry, bergere, I don't have the pc stuff or know how to upload pics.
I've often said I'd be happy to help anyone get pictures online. I will scan photos mailed to me (and they'll be returned if you send me a little to cover postage) and I'll upload them too. If you have scanned pictreus mail them to me and I'll get them online and mail you the addy it's at so you can post it. Once it's uploaded it's very simple to post here using the php buttons or an html tag.

Three ugly little Rideau Triplets. Usually they're cute enough to sell as little stuffed elfin lambs but not this crew!
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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