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Getting It All Done At Once

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My Kids always hated me for this,but I was raised that if you was stocking up,you got everything done at one time.

If you was cutting Wood for the next Winter get it all done in the Fall.Butcher Hogs we would Butcher 6-8 in one day.Chickens we always did a couple hundred at a time.

It was the same with everything we did.There was 7 Kids we would all pitch in.Kind of Making Hay while the Sun Shined.

How many others are like this?

big rockpile
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It's the Three Little Pigs Theory!
My husbands believes the's when he challenges us to get it all done that drives me crazy!!

Stray Cat
Not me - I work a little bit at everything. Not a good thing all the time since theres lots' of stuff half way done around here. Oh well!
...............BRP, I think that theory will work just fine when you've got a bunch of kids with Boundless amounts of energy and everybody knows how to accomplish whatever task is being performed. When you reach your majority(over 40) I think that the general energy level of folks wasn't what it was when they were 20 or so. So, things just take alittle longer.........fordy :)
I'd probably throw my back out if I did it that way. I CAN understand the beauty of finishing a job, though. I get pretty sick of half-done jobs around here.

But, when I have had it, I have had it.
I'm a multitasker. I try to get as much done in one day as is humanly possible.
I cant ever start something and leave it unfinished, like the energizer bunny.
I have to finish a project because if I leave it --it takes for every to finish! DH has 1000 things started and nothing finished and It drives me crazy. When I start something I want it finished if it takes all day and night! Our deck has been 1/2 finished for 7months (all the materials bought and paid for-laying out in the weather), The materials for the new kennel is bought and paid for laying in the weather. We have a electric pole(paid for) that was set 3 yr. ago for a new barn that has no barn. We have siding for a building that is setting with the plywood showing for 4 years.

Yes, he works long and hard to be able to pay for this stuff but he has little time or energy to finish anything. It's my pet peeve!
I do it all at once till I fall out tired --my husband has to be pryed loose from his cair and get busy then he does half of it and saves the rest till next month-Nancy
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