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Getting Back To S & EP Business

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Dear AngieM2,

Now that the voting is over I would like to see this forum get back to its purpose: Survival and Emergency Preparedness.

The folks here at S & EP are Salt of the Earth people so I don't wish anyone to take these words personally. However, during these many months many posts here were politically oriented. Many would have been better on General Chat and not here. I also realise there are many people here that know others personally and want to share thier views with them. That is OK but lets put the politics on General Chat or the newer Politics Forum.

There will be a huge amount of politcal news for the next year, but I come here for other reasons. I have had my fill of politics to last me a long time. Let's return to the Forum we love.

Best to all of you. NJ Rich :cowboy:
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Oh, Come on....:stirpot:

Ok, ok, ok :Bawling: I'll be good.:p
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