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Genealogy Hunt

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I am heavy into genealogy and right now am searching for anyone who might know anything about the Springfield SD area and the surnames
In particular I am searching a Maarcy Scholten
The double a's are intentional.
Take up family histrory, they said. It'll keep you busy.
Thanks for any help and for reading this.
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Doing the same thing.. was shocked at some of the things I found that for some reason the family never passed down. And I never knew how common my last name actually was and that certainly adds to the frustration and difficulty in doing research and verifications of individuals.

Good luck on your search..

Have you searched family books/bibles on Family search? FamilySearch Digital Library
I have a lot of dutch ancestry too. pretty much cover all of Europe. on my name line my 3rd great grand father is currently my focus and currently a dead end.. born in 1799 Connecticut and died 1881 New York. Thomas Rogers. I have found 5 other Rogers that tie in to his line though, 2 of which I have traced those Rogers back to the king of Cicely.

His wifes mother was a Van patten (dutch) and multiple dutch lines on that side. they were the founders of Schenectady New Netherlands (new york), quakenbosch, shomerhorn, conyn, bradt, hemmstraat and many more

pretty much all the royals go back to Charlemagne, I have multiple lines that route to him as well

This guy has some great videos on the royal linages
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