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  1. I read that sunflower plants are excellent for the compost pile, so decided if they are the hulls and leftover seeds from bird feeding would be too. My sister said she thought the seeds were bad for compost. Any thoughs on this?
  2. If it's organic, it's good for compost. The trick is not too much of any ONE thing. If you put in ten gallons of sunflower seed hulls and nothing else, it might be a problem, but ten gallons of SS hulls, ten gallons of grass clippings, ten gallons of horse poo, ten gallons of leaves, and your kitchen scraps, and the weeds you pulled from the flower bed....not a problem.

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    The hulls of sunflower seeds are alleopathic which prevents other plants from sprouting. Once completely composted they should do no harm, but you might have to wait longer before using your compost to make sure they are fully broken down.
  4. Once they are broken down can seeds sprout then? Sounds like they might be good for mulch between raised beds! Thanks