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Garden glove recommendations?

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Getting pretty tired of lack of local store offerings as they never last more than a month (or is this a normal lifespan??), but online has such a wide selection, I'd like some input on styles/brands if you wouldn't mind helping out.

I am looking for two different types. The first is for a form fitting glove with good fingertip "feel" to blind pull weeds around veggies by feeling the stem of the weed, and just for general use while hoeing, digging, etc.

The second one would be for using with thorny plants, like pruning gooseberries & raspberries, and pulling and dealing with thistles. I am guessing a good leather glove will be needed for that??

FWIW, I've determined Women's Lg size gloves are too small, as I bust through the fingertips of the "index" and "middle" fingers within days of first use, so I'm looking for men's glove recommendations. I usually spend 3-5 hours/day doing garden chores, so durability really matters. :)
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I have found that single-layer leather gloves work best for me. Taking down cat briar (major thorns), demolishing walls inside the house, hauling and burning brush, unlined leather does the trick. In summer time I cut the tips off so I can have one pair with fingers and one without. They get wet and dirty but they dry out and some times I recondition them with whatever I have on hand.
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