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I have a lot of old equipment and I have a old gas engine combine I use,

I have been having some fuel issues with it the last few days,

could not find the problem, tried 4 different fuel pumps, 2 of them new,
new fuel tank cap,
cleaned the filters, and sediment bulb, removed from tank and checked screens,
drained the fuel in the tank and filtered it,
took out the anti diesel silinoid.

took the carburetor apart and blew out all passages (I thought),

each of these thing helped a little or for a short time,

(the problem with the machine loosing power and speed could temporally be fixed by shutting off the tank valve and right back on, the engine would not even die, or one could shut off the key and click it back on and it would take off again,
this morning after looking for hours last night on the web for ideas and possibly a different carburetor, or a kit for the one on the machine, (JD no longer supports it).

I took the carburetor off this morning and with the looking I remember one parts page, that showed a screen at the fuel connection,

sure enough there was screen in the back side internal the housing on the line, and it was filled with 40 years of fine dirt type stuff, cleaned it out with a twist drill (by hand) and washed it and blew it out and reassembled it and ran really nice,

I am reasonably sure this is the first time I have found a screen /filter like this in a carburetor.

but FYI, it may not hurt to unscrew the brass fitting the gas line hooks in to and check it out. see pictures below.


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My brother years ago was having fuel problems with a 1972 Ford Bronco doing some similar things. That filter was the trouble with it also. He cleaned it but installed a big cartridge filter in line before it so had no more troubles.

:D Al

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The fords had a small, porous bronze filter, if you was watching your fuel mileage it would go up a little before they plugged up. An in-line cartridge filter solved the problem.
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