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From another list:
Animal Identification Program

My friend Jo Van Hoy posted this over on the St. Croix list today and it is
worth reading. I do believe that the article accurately states the facts as
I have read them. There is still time to contact your representatives and
voice your opinion. Go to, read
the proposed law, and then submit your comments in the box provided. It is
easy and will not take much time. Carol

"Novelty" <[email protected]> wrote:

USAIP - UNITED STATES IDENTIFICATION PLAN - editorial How many of you have
heard of this plan that is being developed, with input of a select group of
producers, through the auspices of the USDA? Apparently there is law
already in place as of last year, and now the rules are being written. The
goal is eventually to be able to track all US livestock movements from
birth to slaughter. We're talking about the pet projects of the 4H
youngsters (you can bet that the County and State Fairgrounds will enforce
the rules) as well as the big commercial herds and flocks. If you raise
any kind of livestock - not just cattle, sheep and goats - you need to
understand what this will mean to you.

The USAIP program is being developed to individually identify in a national
database, all US livestock." So what?" you ask. You might be surprised to
discover that included in the plan are not only cattle, bison, camelids
(llamas, alpacas, etc.), horses, swine, sheep, goats, deer and elk, but
also chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, pheasants, guineas, quail, and
pigeon. That's not all - it goes on to include trout, salmon, catfish,
Tilapia, Striped Bass, shrimp, crawfish, oysters, clams, scallops, and
mussels. Does that get your attention?

Fueling the push for the development of this national identification system
is the perceived 'need' for a method to trace back all farms and livestock
in contact with an animal infected with a contagious disease within 48
hours of discovery. The intention is to set in place a system that will
help US animal health officials trace the source of an animal disease
outbreak and quarantine herds or flocks that were in contact with or in the
vicinity of an infected animal. The 'Mad Cow' scare first in Canada, and
more recently in the US in the state of Washington was very timely with the
resultant surge of public fear fanned by the intense, non-stop coverage by
the national media.

Yes, there is a problem to address, but somehow this seems like a case of
severe overkill. The complexity and cost of compliance and enforcement is
mind-boggling! Isn't this working at a solution from the wrong end? More
needs to be done on the prevention end - tighten up enforcement of laws
already on the books, make sure that feed producers are not including
illegal ingredients in their products, educate livestock owners about
disease prevention, show farmers how to go about protecting themselves and
their animals, teach the public about what questions to ask, and what to
look for in the meat/eggs/milk that they consume. People need to get back
to taking responsibility for themselves - the government has no business
exercising this much control. It exceeds the definition of their duties
according to our US Constitution, which was still in effect to my
knowledge. From an article written by Teresa Bjork comes this outline of
the proposed plan, to be implemented in three stages:

Phase I - All premises involved in livestock production, including farms,
auction barns, and processing facilities, will receive an ID number that is
unique throughout the US. The task force proposes that Phase I begin in
July 2004 (my emphasis).

Phase II - All livestock will receive unique individual ID numbers,
beginning July, 2005. In the case of pork and poultry, groups or lots will
receive unique ID numbers. Animals will receive visible ear tags featuring
the ID numbers. Starting in July, 2005 the system will use radio frequency
identification devices (RFID) to electronically identify and track (by GPS)

Phase III - All animal movements will be tracked electronically (even to
the grave!). The reporting of interstate animal movements will begin in
July, 2005, while intrastate movement tracing will begin in July,
2006. (continued on page 3........)

The centralized database to collect all this information is to be
maintained by USDA/APHIS. Do you recall all the uproar about the Scrapie
Eradication program? All those premise ID's assigned in every state? How
much money has been spent on that project, which has still not been fully
clarified and made to conform from state to state? It is already about to
become obsolete - all new premise IDs for this program will be issued and
the old ones phased out in one to two years. By the way, premise IDs will
be very specific - not just a physical address, but a GPS coordinate as
well. You should also look into the penalties and fines that could be
imposed if you fail to jump through all the hoops. (This is Federal Law -
they will be steep! Read page 46, VI-H, Producer Responsibility)

Who will have access to all the information stored in the massive
database? We are told that it will be the USDA/APHIS and "only for animal
health purposes". It will be accessible only by officials using controlled
passwords (how do you spell 'hacker', 'filegate, etc.? Privacy is
obsolete!). The rules are still in the proposal stage, but it is being
pushed hard and fast, and there is advice being circulated by some of those
working on the project that we not muddy the waters with concerns or
complaints directed to our legislators. We are told that it might
'confuse' the project and lead to outcomes that we will like even less. We
elected our legislators to protect our interests as US citizens. I doubt
that we would be wrong to ask them to come to our defense.

You can read the proposal for yourself - 74 pages of it so far, and many
sections are incomplete, including the specific rules for [sheep]. The web
address is, and I urge you to study it for yourself! Your
comments are welcome -- e-mail address: [email protected].

Pat Showalter
Snohomish, Wn.

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I looked at this site and found it very disturbing. I had heard about it before but I did not know that it applies to peoples' pet goats and chickens! This is insanity. What does everyone think about this - do you think it is even feasible for the gov. to do this? The expense would be enormous. With the current economic situation, what are these people thinking? I don't have any animals other than my dog right now, but in the future I want chickens, goats and a horse. I wouldn't want this kind of gov. intrusion. I feel ill just thinking about it.

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I am curious, I found no reference to any bill listed on the site maybe I just missed it. So I went to the gov web site and looked for any bills that sounded close. The only one I found was H.R.3546: which was for the tracking of animals by records, but it did not mention anything about GPS devices. Is this real or is someone trying to stir up some hype?

Here&#8217;s the link to the bill web page I checked on,

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A search on the phrase "Animal Identification" at the site you posted gave this:

Listing of 3 bills containing your phrase exactly as entered.

1 . United States Animal Identification Plan Implementation Act (Introduced in Senate)[S.2070.IS]
2 . National Farm Animal Identification and Records Act (Introduced in House)[H.R.3787.IH]
3 . National Farm Animal Identification and Records Act (Introduced in Senate)[S.2008.IS]

These begin with "To amend the Animal Health Protection Act to direct the Secretary of Agriculture to establish an electronic nationwide livestock identification system, and for other purposes"

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You bet I will...... You know... I have a couple friends over and they just finished reading the post. I am afraid that the average American consumer is going to love this idea - especially if my neighbors' opinions reflect the majority.
What a crock....... Guess in addition to writing reps, we'd better be talking to lots and lots of people!


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SueD said:
You bet I will...... You know... I have a couple friends over and they just finished reading the post. I am afraid that the average American consumer is going to love this idea - especially if my neighbors' opinions reflect the majority.
What a crock....... Guess in addition to writing reps, we'd better be talking to lots and lots of people!

Why is it I feel more and more like I live in a seperate universe from most morons. I have never fed cow by products to cows,sheep by products to sheep and caused the resultant mad cow scrapies etc. Do you think I am going to register my animals?Do you think I am going to allow anyone on my propwerty to look at all of my animals and tell me how to take care of them....boy do I need to move to northern Canada...
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