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Me again. :( Seems like I'm always asking for advice. Dunno what I did before I found this website! Thanks, all!

I have a fireplace with natural gas logs (unvented) that I use to heat my upstairs. Three days ago, I noticed in the morning that the pilot had gone out during the night. Thought that was strange -- hasn't done that in the three years I've had it. No drafts or anything. I held in the "pilot" button, flicked the starter and it lit. Ran it awhile and it was fine and later shut down. (It is on a thermostat).

Next morning, woke up cold and found the same thing. Ditto.

Yesterday, same thing -- except I can't get it to stay lit at all now. I tried off and on yesterday and then resigned myself to putting the electric blanket on the bed and running an electric spaceheater :waa:

If I push the "pilot" button, and flick the starter, it lights. So there is obviously gas getting through. I hold the pilot in for a long time, and as soon as I let up on the button, it goes out. I wouldn't think it was an oxygen sensor going bad because I doubt it would even let the pilot light be lit. What else is there that I can possibly replace?

I really HATE to call a furnace guy -- it cost me a week's wages to have the shut-off valve and 6' of gas line run to the fireplace to start with!!

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

Chris in COLD Ohio
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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