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Last year, when one of our bucks, Arthur, was in his first rut . . . well, you need some background info.
He was one of our first goats, and we got him at ten days old as a bottle kid. We kind of, um . . . spoiled him. A lot. So he came to think my mom was HIS mom . . . and that we were goats? So by the time it was that first rut, he liked us a lot . . . because we were 'goats.' I bet you can guess how that ended.
Arthur began by flehmening. Typical. However, he being our first goat to start doing that, was hilarious. We, being the inexperienced people we were, laughed at him, praised him . . . rrrg, we were like a built-in list of 'what not to do with your buck.'
So . . . as you can guess, he later started going a bit farther. He would pee on his face, legs . . . and, unknowingly, we praised him for that too, by acting grossed out. And then . . . he started doing the inevitable . . . thinking we were does. Chasing us, blubbering, spitting . . . you name it. He was CRAZY. We literally dreaded going into the buck yard because of Arthur.
We tried a spray bottle . . . it didn't work. He didn't CARE. We ended up literally DUMPING water on him to get him to stop!
It worked eventually, but it was long and hard. It WAS funny watching someone else get chased by him . . . but not BEING chased. So . . . if you're a newbie to goats and you're reading this . . . PLEASE do not do what I described here! You'll regret it. :heh:
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