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Fruit Trees and Water Lines?

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How close to one's water lines (that run from the well to the house) would it be safe to plant fruit trees? Peach trees for sure, maybe a couple apple.

I had a spot all picked out for them, until my husband pointed out that our water lines run through not too far from that area. :doh: They wouldn't be right on top of the line but how far away is far enough? I'm looking at a semi-dwarf variety most likely. One that grows 10-15 feet tall.
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With dwarf or semi dwarf trees, and water lines in good condition, I wouldn't sweat it unless they were within 3' or so. Sewer would be slightly more concern but not much. Most water lines are a couple of feet or more down, and the primary root ball of a semi-dwarf doesn't reach that far. It is extremely rare to have to dig up an incoming water line.

Sprinkler lines should be easy enough to re-route if a problem develops.
Just guesstimating here, as I've not had the lines marked yet, but it'd probably be 6 feet or so from where the line runs through. The septic is all the way on the other side of the house, so no worries there. And we don't have any sprinkler lines whatsoever. We're rural and live in Michigan where rain is plentiful, so no need. :)

I'll definitely stick with dwarf or semi-dwarfs.

Thanks for the reply!
You should plant trees a MINIMUM of 1/2 the distance they will spread away from the water lines. So if they will spread 20 feet than at least 10 feet away.
fruit trees ..esp dwarfs, are very shallow rooted, and if you're lines are up to code they are NOT shallow..they should be down about 6 to 8' at you should be ok
The house is only 6 years old, the lines were put in when it was and, for what I paid for their work, it better be up to code. :)
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