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Frozen eggs

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Now I've heard of freezing eggs, but when we went to feed/water the chickens this morning the eggs they laid were frozen! :eek: I put the 4 eggs in the refrigerator, but my question is will they still be good or should I throw them away?

Oops...just realized I should have posted this under Poulty...I'll drink more coffee before I post next time lol.
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Let them thaw in a bowl of cold water and they will need to be used very soon. They probably have cracked shells :eek: Make some good scrambled eggs for lunch and enjoy :)

Mr. Wanda
I agree that the eggs will be fine to eat but I don't think it would be a good idea to thaw them in water if the shells are cracked. The water could easily get into the contents and anything on the suface of the shell would be taken in with it.
As long as they aren't cracked, I've always just put them right into the frig. Never noticed any difference when we ate them.
I've been wondering about frozen eggs, also. I know the cracked ones are frozen. Is there a way to tell if the other eggs are frozen? I plan on selling some of my eggs and don't want to give my customers bad eggs. I try to get the eggs every three hours, but when it is -5 degrees that might not be fast enough. Any thoughts? Thanks.
I use my frozen eggs. Just put them in a bowl in the frig so I know to use them first. They've been fine.
When I had my hens I usually had a abundant supply of eggs to last me quite a while. So when winter hit and the eggs started freezing I would gather them up and bring them inside the house and let them sit on the kitchen bar for a short peroid of time. When they had thawed out just enough to get the shell off I would go ahead and peel the shell and place the frozen yolks in a storage bag and then freeze them for future use. It's a good way to store eggs for those times when your chickens are not laying quite so much.
LOL!! I'd been wondering about this... THANK YOU!!

I knew that frozen eggs were good to eat, quickly, but was wondering the best way of doing it. Now I guess I know - thanks!!

It only came up because I had about 5 dozen stored under the grill cover one night, and DH lit the grill without looking... No... He'd replaced the propane without telling me - I didn't think he'd use it till the weekend. I'd been thinking about just tossing the cartons in the freezer, but figured it would be a pain to thaw just a couple eggs as needed - and then try to keep shells out of the mix -especially when starting the holiday baking over a series of days.

Much easier to crack em all and store in the freezer I guess - maybe a couple smaller 'batch' bags.... Hmmm!!!

Thanks for the advice guys...would've replied earlier but I got called into work. And yes, the shells were cracked when we gathered them. Guess I'll just use them first and make the scrammbled eggs in the morning for the kids.

I've been freezing stirred eggs in freezer bags, but this was the first time I've run into this problem. Least I don't have to throw them away! :)
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