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French hand sewing by machine

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Does anyone here do this fancy stitching work?

Martha Pullens and the "Sew Beautiful" magazine have made it popular in some levels.

It fascinates me, and since Martha lives in town here and has her school and various places have visiting certified teachers... I'm thinking maybe.
But it's really really really what I consider expensive sewing.

I do have a book for this type of sewing for American Girl dolls and I may just have to pull it out and try it that way first. Even using the expensive supplies, it would be much less than even a baby's outfit.

So does anyone do this work?

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It can be done with less expensive fabrics with great looking results. There are also nice laces and insertions that are less costly than what MP sells.

I just love the intricate construction using delicate lace, fine sewing threads, and nice fabrics. I also like to tat my own edgings in special colors to match the designs and smocking.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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