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Found this email from a friend today and thought someone might be able to use the info. A little late for planting, but think "Next Year" !

I came across this site while searching for free pepper seeds-

The site explains how you can get free pepper seeds from the government, but by following these instructions I have found you can get just about any type of seed you can think of with a little reasearch. If you are intrested in other seeds (besides peppers) go to this site- -and follow the instructions for getting pepper seeds... I know it sounds complicated, I can't even pronounce most of the scientific names for these seeds, but they are free... if you can figure out the process... I just stuck with the free pepper seeds.

-I requested 12 different types of pepper seeds and have since recieved and planted all of them-

*Hint* She then lists how to request the seeds.....

go here lets say that you want some lettuce seeds. click lettuce,,Lactuca sativa L is normal romaine lettuce if i remember correctly, a google search will straighten out the confuse with scientific names. now if you went to lactuca sativa l click where it says 1162 accessions, these are just like different orgins for the seeds, i just happen to pick this one for example...and i want it so i wrote down the PI number PI 536694 now once i select everything i want send Ill send an email here [email protected] using this format

Your name – Joe Schmoe
Organization – Leave Blank
Address – Put your full mailing address including zip code
Phone Number – full phone number including area code
Any special handling instructions – Don’t put anything down
Accession identifiers desired – List your Grif or PI numbers that you want then you get them about a month or so later.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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