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Free Seeds Are Back!

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Third year in a row of giving everyone a chance to get some seeds at the lowest possible price, FREE, and then laugh at the different methods used to kill the seedlings!

This year's Jung's trial vegetable is an old "heirloom", Little Gem Cos Lettuce. Those who've grown it before know that it's a nice little Romaine lettuce just the right size for a nice salad. About 300 seeds per packet so you'll be able to find every possible way of failing!

The trial flower is the dwarf French marigold Tiger Eyes. I've never grown that one but there's about 25 seeds per packet of those no-brainers.

But that's not all. For all of those who did their best to NOT bring a beet to the table, you'll have a second chance as I've obtained more of the Red Cloud beets and tripled the amount in each packet. Now you'll have to look for three times the excuses for failure!

Also still have ample packets of Convolvulus, also known as Bush Morning Glory. No, I will not keep repeating that it does NOT climb and is named for the flower's appearance and is not even related to a morning glory.

Need something more to play with? How about tomatoes? The greatest field tomato ever developed was on the edge of vanishing. Not offered commercially anywhere in 2003. A one-man campaign now has seeds in the hands of gardeners in almost all 50 states, most of the provinces, as well as Australia and New Zealand. That's the Wisconsin 55 tomato. About 25 seeds per packet, organic grown for the purists. Developed 60 years ago as an all-purpose field tomato and never matched.

Finally, need a good determinate bush Roma? Paquebot Roma also being given a nationwide release this year. Trialed by some other HT members this past season and will be repeated this year. But it's a tomato plant with a bit of a twist. 2002 seed produced close to 15% tricotyledons instead of the normal dicotyledon. If anyone wants to play with them and have use for a lot of paste tomatoes, ask for them also. But watch for a tri-cot and save seeds from them to keep the project going.

So, six different free offers. Let me know what all you want. For certain, you'll get the Little Gem and the marigold regardless. You'll need to request any or all of the others when you send me a mailing address.

Oh yes, please use the e-mail feature. This has to be the slowest forum on the Internet and I can brew a pot of coffee in the time it takes to access a PM!

Happy Gardening!

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Martin--can't send you an email. Got this message:

"Sorry! That user has specified that they do not wish to receive emails through this board. If you still wish to send an email to this user, please contact the administrator and they may be able to help."
Martin, please check your pm--sorry, but the e-mail feature doesn't work.
Kathy & Nancy,

Thanks for advising that something is screwed up, as usual! The more things change, the more they remain the same. Took 2 days for me just to access HT! First thing I did before posting last night was to check to make certain that everything was OK in the profile. It was, and still is! I'll just have to keep deleting the earliest responses to prevent any requests being bounced back because the mailbox is full.

Responses are going well. To those who have come back for the second and third time, at least a friendly Hi! in case I don't reply. For those new ones who forget to include a mailing address, I've tried to send seeds through the Internet but they keep jamming up in the modem! Ain't gardening fun?

You should have mail...I used the email link. I hoped it worked!!

~Marisa :)
E-mail feature working just as it was supposed to. Last Sunday, all dressed up and no place to go! Ready to fill orders and site goes down. Why does that always happen only when I get involved in some project? I was happy to see that my e-mail inbox was loaded with seed requests this morning as I knew that things were working right again.

So, don't be bashful about requesting something free and with no strings attached. Such a thing is rare these days. The supply of lettuce and flower packets is unlimited. GW members know that the remaining Wisconsin 55 tomato seeds are reserved for my "home" forum so orders from those members have ceased. When those seeds are gone, late requests may end with a prolific canner such as Moneymaker. Based on last year's number of seed requests, I should be OK. We'll see how it goes.

Think spring! -6 right now.

Hi Paquebot,
Just sent you an e-mail. Sounds too good to pass up. :)

Have a great day,
Sent you an E Mail !! Thank you so much !!! I really appreciate your kindness !
Just sent you an e-mail, cant wait to start growing!!!! Thank you sooo much for the generous offer.
I just sent you a PM.. Thanks so much.. Happy Planting... Brenda :dance:
:) Just wanted to let you know that I replied to your email.. But I didn't see where it went ??? Brenda :confused:
I have a feeling that the forum is wounded but still trying to fly with one wing. One PM to start the day and nothing but e-mails since. No PMs in regards to this seed offer. If anyone PMed their address to me today, I didn't get it! If you e-mailed and saw that it went nowhere, that's where it went, nowhere. One member tried several times before it got through. Again, all OK on this end. Maddening!

Martin, I emailed you and PM-ed you both. Can you tell I am a bit excited about the seeds??? Thank you so very much for your generous offer!!!
God Bless you and yours
It appears that everything is working OK again. If you requested seeds today and don't have them by Wednesday, 4 Feb, at the latest, contact me again. I'm only keeping a paper record under your forum names. Those who know that seeds are coming now can begin finding new ways to ways to kill the plants. I think that we heard every possible excuse last year with the beets! Bigger selection this year so you'll really have to work hard to kill all of my "children"! But if anyone can find a new way, you guys will do it!!

Anything after this post will not go out until Monday. I ran out of Tiger Eyes marigold seed packets.

Thanks so much for the seeds.I wsill do my best not to kill them. I'll report back in the spring
Just sent you an e-mail. Thank you so much for this offer. Our children want to garden this year so they get their own raised bed. I'm starting to think that the plants will do better than I will.

Thanks again.

Sent you a PM E-mail would not work. Thank You! Mike
:dance: Thanks so much for your sharing.. Looking forward to getting them and I will be starting them inside then transplant outside. I will keep you posted on how they are doing. Thanks again.. :dance:
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