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Two weeks ago my DD's S/O called and said his son had found a kitten, and wanted to know if dad would take it. DD was at work and S/O wondered if she said no, would I take it. They already have a bunch of very spoiled and loved cats. He is a real cat person. I didn't figure the kitten would go any further than their house. I was just plan B.

He called later and said the kitten had walked away from wherever it had been and all was cancelled.

So, Friday, I got a call from DD. Why did I not tell her? Well, last I heard it was all cancelled.

Seems kitten reappeared, and was transported the 90 miles to her house. She was at work. He works 2nd shift and she is putting in extra hours so she got home late. The bathroom door was closed and one of litter boxes was in the hallway. All the "previous cats" were standing around.

She opened the bathroom door and out ran a black and white tuxedo kitten. There was a note. HER name was Boots.

Of course DD fell in love immediately. Except HIS name is now Frank. She figures a 53 year old man ought to be able to tell the difference. I bet he never even looked.

This is a lucky kitty.
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