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Thought you folks might want to see this.

God Bless...
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Unfortantually, this is a blessing indescize, I am now convinced that when the new world order tries to take America at least it will not be by our own soldiers.I hope this is a major stumbleing block in their thinking and planning stages. Any body seeing mangled dead bodies will be affected, I know I am.

Such a war on such a primitave level is no longer acceptable for modern thinking troops, we are too advanced to accept the idea or consept of physical war, people no longer butcher their own meat, the sight of the interiors of bodies is too much. The consept of women and children being in combat is too much removed from our soldiers. Its time for the politicians to go be there firsthand,that would help cure the war bug in their minds. Not just the flight suit hero and purple boo boo but all that have any say so about it.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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