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Found Homemade Lamb Replacer and it works

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I found this wonderful homemade lamb milk replacer a couple of years ago but never tried it until this year. It works much better than Advance, although it may not be cheaper. Yes it calls for raw eggs also which kind of freaked me out but the lambs seem to need it. Best of all, no scours! I still use Advance too, the lambs like the taste of it and I suppliment bottle a lot of lambs to make them tamer, we sell Babydolls and our customers want and need tame, sweet lambs. Last year we have two go to show, one in New York and one in Indiana and both families told me that our lambs were so much easier to work with than some of the other lambs that they saw. And our lambs won their classes and one went on to win 3 in a National Championship in New Jersey in his class on top of winning his own home county fair class.

Without further is the recipe.

4 cups of whole milk, 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream, 1 or 2 eggs depending on how much extra protein your lambs need.

I personally upped the whipping cream to 1/2 cup and only use 1 egg so there is some room for changing it around. I also add a tbsp of Natural Yogurt with the fat, not the fat free to the recipe.

I put the milk in a big mason jar, then I mix the whipping cream and the egg ( I whisk it ) and then add that to the milk and cap it tightly and shake it up well.

This is not my own personal recipe, I found it from another very generous, wonderful person who shared it on a Yahoo group. I changed it slightly with the yogurt and the whipping cream but you can adapt it how you need to. Plus all the ingredients can be found at any 24 hour grocery, a big plus!
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My cousins emergency bottle fed a lamb on yougurt and olive oil! It saved its life. I have pics of it in the thread Sardi Morocco sheep, I just posted, thats the "proof" it survived well lol.
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