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Found a bird

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In my front yard we found a cockatiel. It is clearly somebody's pet but we don't know whos. We have asked the neighbors to no avial. It has a band on it's left leg. Any idea as to how to find the owners?


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Changed my mind. All the kids love this bird. No longer looking for the owner. :D

Seriously, we've put signs up in the area hoping that nobody will claim it. Very friendly bird, clearly very used to being around people.

Say, Meg, what is the purpose of a breeder's band anyway? Just to ID one bird among many? If so is it likely that this bird is not a pet and just a breeder? fwiw, the band is metal, red and has a number on it.


We found the owners. They saw one of our signs and called. They were so thankful that we had taken care of their bird. A happy reunion for them, a sad goodbye for my kids.

Now I have to buy a bird!

Thanks for your help.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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