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Fordson major

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Just bought a second tractor. Its a fordson major. The motor was rebuilt 50hrs ago. The Tractor runs great. But it does have a few problems. First the trottle linkage is missing a pece. The part attached to the carb is there but the piece going from one side to the other is missing. Does anyone know how they connect? I am thinging of making up a piece to connect them.
Second the fenders are bad. It needs a few cosmetics. Also the tranny fluid needs to be replaced. It has some moisture in it. Thats not good here right now, it freezes the hydraulics. Where is the pump located? I am guessing it is beside the pto output shaft.
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You need to go to and get a Manuel for your tractor. It is most of the way to the end of the list but it is their. It will give you everything that you ask for.:banana02:
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