FORDMAC Disk Harrow??Ever Heard of One??

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    I haven't, but I recently aquired a disk harrow that was my uncles, and one I used many years ago cutting land.At the time, it was the cuttingest disk harrow around.Anyway I was looking at it and deciding if I should put a set of new blades on the front,I noticed a metal name tag ,I wiped it off and it said FORDMAC Model 22.

    I am pretty sure my dad and uncle always said it was a King Harrow.Evidently we were all wrong lol.Heres a brochure and picture.The one I have is 10 foot wide,and is framed with four inch square tubing.Its heavy and will always cut as deep as the disks axel on any land we ever tended.Have any of you heard of one before??

    Heres the link,and the bottom link is for a site with a lot of brochures,if any of you folks would like to see them?? It says mine was made in Georgia by a company known as Ford McCleskey mfg co.Never heard of it either :shrug: Thanks EB
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    disc are pretty easy, if you know the Axel dia. you can choose a standard disc dia. from a tractor supply. Pull a bearing and go to your tractor supply or even auto parts and they can compare them, usually they can find a suitable bearing replacement, be aware if you go to ford they are mighty proud of their OEM parts, and you will likely pay a hefty price, not always true tho best wishes, ray