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For Those With " Sinus" Problems

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The post by Farmwannabee got me to thinking maybe I should I start a thread. For anyone who is diagnosed with a "sinus infection" by your general doctor or an emergency room doctor and finds that after a course of antibiotics are still not well.......PLEASE get to a ENT!!!! Hubby went to 3 different docs AND had a CAT scan at the ER over a period of about 3 months. Diagnosis each time was a sinus infection and after the first course of antibiotics we were told " 10 days of antibiotics wasn't enough, here's a prescription for 17 days", ER doc [ idiot] " well you're not going to die tonight and the CAT scan is clear", and the next doc " the antibiotic just wasn't strong enough, here's another one which should clear it up". 2 days later ENT yells to his assistant...." Get me a operating room, this man is going to die". He had a sinus abcess which went into the tissue surrounding his eye [ orbital cellulitis] and ate clear thru his frontal bone. A pretty rare and life threatening condition. He has had 4 surgeries and will undergo major surgery in about 6 weeks. In researching sinus diseases/conditions I have found that alot of people who think they have and are being treated for sinus infections actually have something totally different! Tumors/migrains/trigeminal neuraglia/bone spurs/bone infections to name a few. If only they had went to a ENT to begin with. We actually tried to go to an ENT twice when he was having problems but the wait to get a appointment was too long and he was too sick. If this saves one person from the nightmare we have been thru it will be well worth it!!
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Wow I am glad he finally got in with the right doctor. I've had my share of throat & nose problems and I do believe there is a tendency for less educated doctors to not really take the necessary steps to diagnose a problem and just use trial and error to fix the issue. Probably works most of the time. I've had nasal congestion problems all my life, been to at least one or two specialists when I was a kid and never had anyone even put nasal scope up my nose until I was 25. Finally got in touch with a good ENT when I was in the hospital with throat swelling problems.
My sister has had these for years, she finally was at the stage where they wanted to remove her sinuses. She went to a natural health place and they gave her Oil of Oregano. It cleared it up but when she stopped taking it it came back, so she mixed up some of the oregano oil and olive oil and dripped it in her nose while laying upside down and letting it work its way in there. Burns like hell she said, but it cleared it up for good.
I was treated for sinus problems for 30 years before a new doc ordered x-rays and decided my problem was migraine. I do occasionally have sinus infections but not repeatedly! I always have sinus drainage with the migraine so I guess misdiagnosis was understandable but 30 years and a dozen different docs!

So glad that your dh got the proper treatment in time. I pray his major surgery goes well.
I had a problem a couple weeks ago with my sinuses and went to the health food store and got a spray bottle of grapefruit seed extract. Wow it cleaned up the infection but be warned it will burn if you have any infection.
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