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orangehen said:
Last summer I put ripe elderberries in pint jars and filled one jar with brandy and one jar with vodka - put them away in cupboard, and when I recently got a cold/flu or whatever (sinuses felt like Niagara Falls), I took two teaspoonsfull every few hours and within 20 minutes after dosage felt much better for quite awhile. I believe I read about doing that somewhere in Homesteading Today, but don't remember.

Read in Acres USA about a doctor who never lost a patient from the flu that came through in 1919 or so - he prescribed Jack Daniels with rock candy dissolved in it - 1 or 2 teaspoons every hour that the patient was awake.
I'm thinking that two teaspoonfuls of vodka every few hours woould make anyone feel good for a while. :happy:
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